Différence Entre Un Hibou Et Une Chouette

Both room usually translated in English oui "owls". They space subcategories de the strigidae family members (birds ns prey), set à part based on their appearance. Both encompass numerous species et even genera. Ce is actually fairly easy venir see the difference between the two.

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A "hibou" is quel most people will interpret "owl" as. A lot of toutes les personnes will likewise usually appel téléphonique a "chouette" a "hibou", periodically thinking the structure is auto female of the latter. Ce is not auto case.

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Taken native the français Wikipedia entry nous "chouette": "La chouette s’être distingue du hibou par l"absence d"aigrettes dessus la tête".

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So "hiboux" are thé ones which oui egrets on their heads, such oui this:


And "chouettes" are the ones the don"t, like this:


On a side note, "chouette" is additionally often provided as année interjection or an adjective, to montré feelings du awesomeness, joy, jaune overall approval.

It can also be supplied (mostly in Quebec) oui a term ns endearment pour a girl jaune woman, be ce girlfriend/wife, daughter jaune friend.

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