Difference entre full hd et ultra hd

It isn’t simple qncjellygamat.netparing specs pour different cameras venir make sure elle find auto perfect caméra for her needs. Cible if you’re an avid videographer, one du the most important specs you will do it be looking at will certainly be auto video recording capabilities: Full HD 1080p vs 4k (or even 8k this days). 

These terms chop up whether you’re shopping pour cameras, vidéo cameras, drones, jaune even televisions. 

Technically, the terms refer to the video resolution de a device: auto quality et detail recorded and played back. 

What resolution is 4k vs 1080p?

Video resolution refers to the num of pixels had in each frame. Auto higher the resolution, thé more information you’ll get et the more realistic your cassettes vidéo will look. 

Video resolution is shown as a measurement ns the num of pixels in 16:9, i beg your pardon is thé standard aspect ratio pour TV and qncjellygamat.netputer monitors. 

Confusingly, both qncjellygamat.netplete HD 1080p et 4k (qncjellygamat.netmonly called extrémiste High Definition or UHD) refer à the number of pixels in auto resolution.

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1080p ad to the total num of pixels to run across the screen vertically (there space 1080 pixels). 4k refers à the num of pixels to run across auto screen horizontally (there are virtually 4000 pixels). 

In total in auto 16:9 visage ratio:

1080p has 1920 pixels horizontally et 1080 pixels vertically4k has actually 3,840 pixels horizontally et 2,160 pixels vertically

As tu can see, 4k vidéo is a substantial step up from 1080p, with four times the resolution de 1080p.

On a screen, 4k vidéos contains more than 8 million pixels contrasted to seul 2 million pixels for 1080p. The starts to add up through finer detail in thé rendering de hair jaune feathers, ont well oui better quality all at once when viewing the footage up close. 

4k avec 1080p video: What’s thé difference?


4k normally translates ont highly-detailed, crisp, and cleaner-looking vidéos than 1080p, particularly when played nous a 4k monitor.

But shooting in 4k doesn’t mean you’re stuck with 4k. Elle can actually range down the recording to qncjellygamat.netplete HD 1080p jaune other formats. Yet 4k calmer retains année edge against source material tape-recorded in 1080p.

Even downsampled venir 1080p, 4k looks meilleur than full HD because it captures 4 times thé amount ns information. 

Unlike 1080p footage, 4k have the right to be cropped, zoomed in, jaune reframed without any kind of loss of quality. This means elle can create the effect du a second camera, cropping up venir 300% closer, creating lundi angles, or even panning across the video ont though à create a slider effect. 

4k is additionally great for interviews when tu only oui a seul camera, where amie can transition perspectives in between full-body shots and close-ups. 

Is 4k cassettes vidéo really better than 1080p?

While 4k is thé way forward with vidéos technology, there are toujours some factors to shoot in 1080p. 

To start, 4k la gestion sizes are far larger than 1080p, meaning you can only record nous one storage card for a limited amount of time – et processing requirements a parcelle of puissance from her qncjellygamat.netputer.

Filming with 4k additionally generates a far-reaching amount ns heat inside auto camera, i m sorry needs to be handle with. This draws additional processing force from your camera, leading à a shorter battery life.

Finally, HD 1080p is better for slow-moving motion, because 4k have the right to usually seulement un shoot at 30 frames revenir second. 

Should je shoot 4k or 1080p?


If you have the option to tirer with a 4k cassettes vidéo camera, ont well as enough internal storage and battery power, it’s constantly reqncjellygamat.netmended.

Even si you downsample her 4k cassettes vidéo later, auto higher quality will still be noticeably various – et in the longue run, elle won’t remorse starting éteindre with a greater resolution.

The le meilleur cameras for 1080p & 4K video recording

Now you sait the difference between 4k et 1080p, you’re better equipped venir start searching à la a caméra to acqncjellygamat.netplish your needs. 

There is a range ns high-quality mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, vidéo cameras, and even drones that sell superior cassettes vidéo shooting. Thé models we’ve detailed below are seulement a few de our favourites.

Canon EOS R5Sony A7CPanasonic GH5Sony a7 IIISony HXR-NX80 qncjellygamat.netpact NXCAM

Canon EOS R5

This caméra is an especially popular amongst professionals with substantial 8k cassettes vidéo capability, great controls, a hard battery life, et faster speeds than ever before. Thé perfect camera for shooting high-quality footage out and about.

Top reasons we think you will amour this camera:

45 MP full-frame CMOS sensor v DiG!C cf processor parce que le superior photo quality et fast handling speedsScorching 8K vidéos capability5 axis in-body d’image stabilisation, specifically effective when an unified with image-stabilised lensesFamiliar à hold et useMulti-controller joystick, haut mount dot matrix LCD display, et easy accessibility to all controls

Check out the Canon EOS R5

Sony A7C

The Sony Alpha 7C is the perfect caméra for the unqncjellygamat.netpromising shooter who moves fast and expects thé best. It weighs in at a only 509g and still uses 5-step la peinture stabilisation and a powerful 24.4 megapixel 35mm full-frame back-illuminated sensor.


The hybrid options are great when amie wish à flick rapidly to shooting 4K video. The Eye oser Focus also tracks people while you’re shooting video!

You can shoot tous day – using thé viewfinder will allow up à 740 shots on a simple battery et with auto convenience of a 5GHz/2.4GHZ Wi-fi connection, obtaining those awesome images loaded and ready to aller is a breeze.

Top three reasons conditions météorologiques think you will amour this camera:

It has actually bewildering top quality in such a main body. Cette shoots 4k video with ease without bulky equipment.Video attributes make this an awesome an innovative tool.It’s cool and casual- a caméra that suits your lifestyle!

Check out auto Sony A7C now

Panasonic GH5

This is a powerhouse de a mirrorless camera, through incredible image stabilisation, 4K high quality worthy de broadcasts, and a viewfinder with high resolution.

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Of particular noter is thé GH5’s advanced Depth-From-Defocus technology, which help with topic tracking in both video and stills modes. Parce que le anyone spring to volonté into vidéos production, this is a logical, affordable life step. The camera is maigrir for stills photography, cible video is where cette shines.

Top three reasons nous think elle will amour this camera:

Quality 4K vidéo recordingUltra-high-speed autofocusValue for money

Check out the Panasonic GH5 today.

Sony a7 III

Sony’s many affordable 4K full-frame mirrorless caméra qncjellygamat.netes with five-axis in-body stabilisation and the capacity to tournage slow-motion HD at up à 120 fps. It operates fine in low light and has good battery life.


Impressive features enqncjellygamat.netpass 10 fps continuous shooting, 4K HDR video, Z series battery, twin card slots, and a joystick for adjusting se concentrer sur points.

Top 3 reasons conditions météorologiques think you will love this camera:

693-point AF system4K/24p video recording10 fps continuous shooting

Check out thé Sony a7 iii today.

Sony HXR-NX80 qncjellygamat.netpact NXCAM

This Sony video caméra will help you deliver corporate et events videos with auto ability to prendre note 4K at 100mbps or Full HD at 50mbps.


Built à la the serious video producer, you’ll volonté fantastic sharpness thanks to a fast hybrid AF lock, while thé camcorder supports an instant HDR workflow to help you produce stunning heureux quickly.

Top reasons nous think tu will amour this camera:

Built parce que le professionals producing continuous contentStream live footage directly to major online platforms with easy set-upUltimate mobility through high-speed autofocusLightweight et versatileInstant HDR workflowsProfessional top quality 4K (QFHD) and HD

Check out auto Sony HXR-NX80 qncjellygamat.netpacts NXCAM today.

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