Difference entre dyson v8 et v10

The Dyson V8 Absolute and Animal vacuums room both excellent popular cordless options. Cible it can be complicated to savoir which venir go pour when, from auto outside, lock both seem so similar.

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We’ve put ensemble a advantageous comparison, outlining the henchmen features of each, pros, cons et how they ridge up against each other.

Keep reading à find out, when comparing thé Dyson V8 Absolute vs Animal, i m sorry is best for you.

ProductDyson V8 AbsoluteDyson V8 Animal
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
BestBest pour Hard FloorsBest for Carpets
Surface RecommendationHard floor & carpetsCarpets mostly, but also walk work nous hard floors
Power SourceBattery-poweredBattery-powered
Wattage350Not specified
Battery Life7 minutes on Max, 25 protocole with motorized floor tool, 40 minute on normal8 minute on Max, 25 protocole with engine- floor tool, 30-40 minutes on normal
Weight5.75 lbs5.64 lbs
Cleaner HeadDirect drive with soft rollerDirect drive
HEPA FilterYesYes
Motor TypeDyson numérique MotorDyson numérique Motor
Dust Bin Size0.54 liters0.54 liters
Cleaning ModesNormal & max Power ModeNormal & maximum Power Mode
Tools IncludedCombination, crevice, mini motorized & dusting brushCombination, crevice, mini motor & dusting brush
Good for Pet HairYesYes
Dimensions9.9 voir 8.9 voir 49″8.2 voir 9.8 cf 49″

Product Overviews

How does thé Dyson V8 Absolute compare to thé Animal? arrêter check out summaries de each vacuum.

1. Dyson V8 pure Cordless stick Vacuum

Best à la Hard Floors

Buy Now

If you don’t ont any jaune much difficult flooring in her house, then the Dyson V8 pet vacuum might be a meilleur option parce que le you. This works great conditions météorologiques carpets and is end $100 much less than the Absolute. Soja we don’t recommend forking out auto extra cash just to have something amie don’t need.

In terms ns this vacuum, auto Animal has actually a direct drive cleaner head, seul without auto fluffy brush. Cette also has a maximum power fashion that gives eight protocole of intense power. This pushes stubborn nylon bristles deep right into your carpets venir suck the end even thé most installed dirt.

As well oui working oui a lightweight cordless vacuum, it also transforms into a handheld option. This is great parce que le carpet cleaning et cleaning furniture. Si you ont pet hair grounding in this crevices, this vacuum will assist spruce increase your patrie once et for all.

ProsBetter parce que le carpet but still works conditions météorologiques hard floors.Whole machine filtration système traps allergens et provides cleaner air within her home.No need à touch thé dirt with thé hassle-free emptying device where amie can empty dust with one click.15 cyclones capture fine dust, consisting of tiny particles such ont sugar.Included washable life time filter is easy to maintain.Instant release cause which saves battery sapin when you’re not engaging auto power ns the vacuum.
ConsBattery first is advertised à last 40 minutes, but most customers don’t get more than 20 minutes, even nous the normal suction setting.Badly designed handle that vibrates et may causer blistering.Battery is not dependable and after about a year, you peut être need a replacement which is expensive.
Additional Specs
Surface RecommendationCarpets mostly, cible also walk work conditions météorologiques hard floors
Power SourceBattery-powered
WattageNot specified
Battery Life8 minutes on Max, 25 minute with engine- floor tool, 30-40 minutes on normal
Weight5.64 pounds
Cleaner HeadDirect drive
HEPA FilterYes
Motor TypeDyson numérique Motor
Dust Bin Size0.54 liters
Cleaning ModesNormal et Max power Mode
Tools IncludedCombination, crevice, mini motorized et dusting brush
Good à la Pet HairYes
Dimensions8.2 cf 9.8 voir 49 inches

In-Depth attribute Comparison

Now you à savoir most ns the features ns the Dyson V8 Absolute vs Animal. But it’s helpful à see comment specific functions compare.

Compatibility With different Surfaces

Both vacuums do work well through both carpets et soft floors.

The Dyson V8 animal is great pour carpets. Cette can sink deep into the carpet fibers à pull out even thé most ancient du dirt. Si you have pets in the page daccueil or enfants that drop their snacks toutes les personnes over auto floor, tu will amour the power de this vacuum’s suction. However, ce is not particularly designed pour hard floors. Si you don’t ont many hard floors, then tu can comprendre away with this vacuum. But if you oui large areas de hard floors, then the Absolute peut faire be meilleur for you.

The Dyson V8 pure has the added feature du a soft roller head i m sorry gently cible powerfully cleans debris from tough floors. Cette also works nous carpets, giving you the meilleur of both worlds. If you have half and half, tough floors and carpets, jaune a fully hard floor house — this is thé vacuum pour you.


Dyson V8 Absolute

Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver

Both ns these vacuums room cordless et weigh much less than 6 pounds. That’s super lightweight! This makes it easy to move roughly your whole loger quickly and without stress. In our home, we oui a formidables heavy vacuum, et cleaning auto whole house is definitely a workout.

But with a lightweight rod vacuum favor these — vacuuming has never been easier.

The Dyson V8 pet is ever sauce soja slightly lighter, weighing 5.64 pounds compared to thé Dyson V8 Absolute. However, despite this slightly lighter weight, thé Dyson V8 absolute is an ext ergonomic. Customers found that auto Dyson V8 pet handle was hard to hold due to the excess vibrations. Some toutes les personnes even got blisters.


Dyson V8 Absolute

40 minutes of Battery Life

Both vacuums space advertised as having a très battery first of 40 protocole on a ordinaire suction setting. At auto start, your battery may be capable of this. However, some reviews à la both vacuums state that auto battery, even on a ordinaire suction setting, peut faire not last this long.

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Some reviewers pour the Dyson V8 pure say that thé battery to be lasting roughly 25 minute on normal.

The Dyson V8 pet had client reporting that thé battery lasted between 15 and 20 minutes on normal.

Overall, lock both underperform in terms ns battery first after auto battery has actually been provided a couple of times. Cible on auto whole, auto Dyson V8 absolute is slightly more reliable.


Dyson V8 Absolute

Goodbye pet Hair

If tu have fur babies in thé house, you’ll know the dramma that ensues once they shed. Sometimes you can shot every vacuum nous the market antérieur à finding something that have the right to clean up their hair.

With both du these vacuums, she in luck. They space both suitable à la vacuuming pets hair sauce soja you deserve to say goodbye to these little hairs et hello to your floor oz again.

The Dyson V8 animal is a bit more reliable for pet owners, though. If you oui animals that burned excessively, like golden Retrievers, the Dyson V8 Absolute pouvez not it is in able to importer it all.


Dyson V8 Animal

Stand the end Features

Let’s conveniently look at part stand-out functions that one Dyson V8 has actually that the divers doesn’t.

Soft Roller Head

The Dyson V8 Absolute has actually a direct drive cleaner head, like thé Dyson V8 Animal but with an extra feature: soft rollers.

These soft rollers on the head room specifically for gently cleaning hard floors, working nous picking up tous sizes of debris. If you ont hard floors, you’ll à savoir that everything from tiny specs of dirt to big cereal spills spectacles up on the floors — particularly in sunlight.

A vacuum like thé Dyson V8 absolute will successfully clean up without scratching her precious hard floors. The le meilleur thing about auto soft roller head? ce works on carpets, too.

The Dyson V8 Animal, conditions météorologiques the est différent hand, lieu de travail really well nous carpets cible not as well nous hard floors. So si you ont a combination of both, or mostly difficult floors, in her home, then the Dyson V8 absolute is certainly going à be an ext effective than auto Animal.

This contains a soft roller cleaner i beg your pardon makes ce great parce que le gently cleaning tough floors et removing larger debris.

Dyson V8 Absolute vs Animal Conclusion

When to compare these two Dyson vacuums, what’s thé bottom line?

Dyson V8 pure Verdict

The Dyson V8 Absolute, when pricey, is effective on both difficult floors and carpets. Si you oui both these floor types in your house, then this is a must. Thé soft roller head will safeguard your difficult floors while choose up every last bit of debris.

With up à 40 minutes of run-time tout de suite charge, tu should it is in able to comprendre around your entirety house avant the battery runs out.

Dyson V8 pet Verdict

If tu only oui carpets in your home, then auto Dyson V8 Animal may be right parce que le you, specifically when you hear it’s around $100 much less than auto Absolute.

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The battery life, however, pouvez not be as generous. Still, cette is ideal parce que le pet hair. Si you have fourrure babies that shed excessively, then this lightweight vacuum will be your new best friend.