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A man wakes up with non memory du who he is, et finds the everyone who comes within a certain distance de him unexpectedly dies.

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A photographer (Abbie Cornish) in a failing marriage suffers severe memory ns after a traumatic accident. étrange clues among sa photos indicate she peut être be responsible pour the deaths of family members elle never knew she had. A came to psychiatrist (Justin Long) tries to help sa recover perdu memories.

The Blacklist is année American crime thriller television series that premiered nous NBC nous September 23, 2013. The démontrer follows Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader), a former U.S. Marine officer turn high-profile criminal, that voluntarily surrenders to thé FBI after eluding capturer for decades. Hey tells thé FBI that cette has a list de the many dangerous criminal in auto world that hey has compiled over auto years et is willing à inform on their operations in exchange pour immunity indigenous prosecution. However, he insists on working specifically with a rookie FBI profiler de the surname of elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone).

When monstrous creatures, known ont Kaiju, started rising from thé sea, a war started that would take des millions of lives et consume humanity"s resources pour years on end. To lutte the gigantic Kaiju, a special joli of weapon to be devised: massive robots, referred to as Jaegers, i m sorry are managed simultaneously de two pilots whose minds space locked in a neural bridge. Cible even auto Jaegers space proving virtually defenseless in the face à face of auto relentless Kaiju. Nous the verge of defeat, the renforcer defending mankind oui no choice marqué to turn à two i can not qualify heroes - a to wash up structure pilot (Charlie Hunnam) and année untested trainee (Rinko Kikuchi) - who room teamed to périple a legendary cible seemingly obsolete Jaeger from thé past. Together, castle stand oui mankind"s critical hope against thé mounting apocalypse.

One thousand year after cataclysmic occasions forced humanity"s échapper from Earth, Nova composants has end up being mankind"s nouveau home. Legendary aperçu Cypher Raige returns from année extended tour of devoir to his estranged family, prêt to be a father to his 13-year-old son, Kitai. When an asteroid storm damages Cypher and Kitai"s craft, lock crash-land conditions météorologiques a now unfamiliar and dangerous Earth. As his dad lies dying in thé cockpit, Kitai must trek across thé hostile travail to recoup their rescue beacon. His entirety life, Kitai has actually wanted nothing much more than à be a soldier like his father. Today, hey gets his chance.

Samantha Crawford stays a dream life. She is happy married on a ranch where elle keeps sa beloved horse, et the histoires she"s told et illustrated because childhood have become published books. When elle husband Billy is tragically killed, sam loses sa faith et will to live. A death-defying conference with two children leads venir a reunion with Joe, her oldest friend. As Sam the town hall "Papa" léger care for and love the kids in his under-resourced neighborhood, she begins à believe that the amour of God is constantly reaching out à her.
Longmire is an American modern-day Western la criminalité drama television séries that premiered on june 3, 2012 conditions météorologiques the A&E network, developed par John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin. The séries is based nous the Walt Longmire Mysteries series ns novels de Craig Johnson. Ce centers conditions météorologiques Walt Longmire, a sheriff in fictitious Absaroka County, Wyoming. Cette is assisted de staff, friends, and his daughter in investigating major la criminalité within his jurisdiction.
Homeland is an American spy thriller en francais television séries developed passant par Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa based nous the Israeli séries Prisoners of War (Original title Hebrew: חטופים‎, romanized: Hatufim, precise "Abductees"), which to be created passant par Gideon Raff.

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Falling Skies is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction television séries created par Robert Rodat and executive produced de Steven Spielberg. The séries stars young name Wyle ont Tom Mason, a constitue history professor who becomes auto second-in-command of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment, a group of civilians and fighters fleeing Boston following an alien intrusion that devastated thé world.
Big Morning buzz Live is a live daily morning news et pop culture talk show nous VH1 that premiered on peut faire 9, 2011, and aired that is last episode on célibataire 5, 2015. Broadcast weekday mornings and hosted passant par Nick Lachey, the show featured jeu news, celebrity interviews and musical performances. The séries was originally hosted par Carrie Keagan, that departed the series in 2013. Lachey take it over for Keagan in march 2014.
Criminal Minds: suspect Behavior is an American policier procedural drama starring forest Whitaker and Janeane Garofalo that aired nous CBS. The show debuted on February 16, 2011, ont a spin-off of un autre series Criminal mental aired nous the exact same network, et is the second show in the Criminal psychic franchise. This edition"s profiling team additionally worked for the Federal bureaux of Investigation"s behavior Analysis unir (BAU) in Quantico, Virginia. In an April 2010 episode du Criminal minds ("The Fight"), during thé show"s 5th season, the original team endroit the new team and worked v them to find a santé mentale Francisco serial killer, with auto episode serving oui the new series" backdoor pilot.
A thesis picture. James arrives page daccueil to West texans from Iraq. Cette doesn"t remember lot about thé war, and it"s soon clear hey has write-up traumatic stress. Cette takes a job at an abattoir. After an alcohol-fueled fights through co-workers and his wife, hey seeks help at auto VA. He returns à find she"s leaving the until hey can récupération control. He leaves his dog with his noble mother et drives northeast venir visit année Army buddy et find out what it is he can"t remember. His girlfriend won"t to speak much, sauce soja James drives nous to Walter Reed Hospital where de nouveau friend convalesces. Will James uncover out quel he"s repressed, and if hey does, will it make something better? What option does he have?
Mercy is an American medical drama television séries created by Liz Heldens, i m sorry aired nous NBC from September 23, 2009, to pouvez 12, 2010. The series initially aired nous Wednesday at 8:00 pm (ET), as part ns the 2009 loss season, cible was thrust back to 9:00 pm in April.
The Listener is a Canadian fantasy dramma television series created passant par Michael Amo. The series stars crainder Olejnik ont Toby Logan, a paramedic through telepathic powers, who finds himself consulting with law enforcement to make a échanger in auto world passant par helping rather while listening to the thoughts de victims and criminals, and seeing images that they saw.
Loosely lien stories capture a week in L.A. In 1983, caractéristique movie executives, absent stars, a vampire et other morally tested characters in adventures laced v sex, drugs et violence.
A report tracing auto effect ns the fatality penalty stumbles across a murder mystery and a potentially innocent homme set à la execution.

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Men in tree is année American romantic comedy-drama television series starring ah oui Heche ont relationship entraîneur Marin Frist, i m sorry premiered nous September 12, 2006, on ABC. The series is collection in auto fictional town of Elmo, Alaska, et concerns marine Frist"s misadventures in relationships. The premise showed at the very least superficial similarity to auto HBO television séries Sex and the ville (on which series creator Jenny Bicks to be a co-executive producer), which likewise featured a romantically oriented woman writer. The protagonist"s apparent "fish-out-of-water" emotion in a remote, small Alaskan town deserve to be likened à CBS"s northern Exposure. Auto protagonists in both series were new Yorkers thrust into petit town Alaskan societies. Filming pour the séries was based in Squamish, britanique Columbia, Canada.