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15 Cartoons à Watch si You prefer Rick and Morty At thé end du every season, Rick and Morty ventilateurs are constantly looking à la new methods to paragraphe the time. Here are some an excellent shows seulement like Rick and Morty.

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Season 4 of Rick et Morty ended nous a fairly sad and depressive remarque with plenty de unresolved concerns much like thé show"s two henchmen protagonists. When it"s tempting to faire a re-watch marathon, knowing how it will finish come the latest season would certainly be akin to salting the wound.

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Hence, à take the entente off ns just how dark et dysfunctional Rick and Morty is, différent similar cartoons ought to provide auto much-needed respite. Some of these room light-hearted and positive while others space absurdist couleur noire or toilet comedies. Toutes les personnes of them need to keep ventilateur occupied until the next season of Rick et Morty gets released possibly after je vous demande pardon feels like a decade oui fans eagerly await new episodes.

Updated nous March 28th, 2021 by Kristen Palamara: Rick et Morty is année extremely well-known series périmé to its engaging et smart storylines, unique and funny characters, et its riche universe full de animated adventures. The montrer is notorious parce que le taking longue breaks in between new episodes and, if there"s no show exactly like ce on thé air, over there are est différent adult animated spectacles that fans can watch, including raunchy spectacle with failure characters, spectacle with adventures every episode, et shows the try à reckon with existential question about life et death.

Disenchantment p Elfo et Luci burn at auto stake
Disenchantment is a new animated fantaisie Netflix series from Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening. The show centers nous the misadventures du Princess Bean et her deux friends Luci, a literal meaning demon, et Elfo whose surname is self-explanatory.

The three aller on magical and at times dark adventures, similar à Rick and Morty, and the séries even introduced a an ext scientific side ns things also though it"s collection in medieval times.

The Midnight gospel is an animated Netflix séries that explores thé existential questions of life and death v its characters in a surreal way. The séries follows Clancy as he travels within a universe simulator going on adventures and meeting new people along the way.

Rick et Morty has a similar setup oui they travel auto universe and the seul frequently reckons v existential des questions about life and death while conférence new and intriguing characters nous their adventures.

Final Space
Final space is a more recent sci-fi animated series that greatly takes place in space as the location suggests. It follows an astronaut dubbed Gary that is working éteindre a confinement sentence when hey meets an alien called Mooncake that is being tracked down haricot de soja Mooncake"s powers can be used pour evil.

The séries follows Gary and Mooncake"s adventures through space in a comedic means similar venir Rick and Morty.

12 the Awesomes (2013-2015)

The Awesomes cast de animated superheroes conditions météorologiques Hulu show
The Awesomes follows a group of b-team superheroes who try venir help townspeople with frequently disastrous results. Mr. Amazing decides venir retire et become the dirigeants of this nouveau team ns superheroes trying venir prove themselves as protectors.

The Hulu series follows thé Awesomes team as they visage government and media skepticism and criticism ont they effort to aller their jobs.

BoJack Horseman complies with a horse called BoJack that is a has-been actor that was many famous for his role on a sitcom where hey played a seul father à three person children. The séries sees him reckon with his first after fame, addiction, anxiety, and depression.

There"s a super cast du characters ns both humans et animals that are likewise struggling in your lives et careers. The original Netflix séries reckons with existential questions du life and death and would be a démontrer any Rick et Morty fan would certainly enjoy.

10 couleur noire Dynamite (2011-2015)

This surprise (and unfortunately, canceled) gem native Adult swimming is auto cartoon version of thé live-action cinématicien of thé same name.

It"s a satirical jab at blaxploitation films of thé 1970s et thus takes continual potshots at popular cultistes including every little thing from Richard Nixon to michael Jackson. The henchmen character himself, black Dynamite, is voiced par Michael jai White.

because many Rick and Morty are currently familiar v Adult Swim, they"d faire well in checking out The undertaking Bros. It"s auto network"s longest-running original series and is a parody de many fémoral from superheroes/supervillains to space-age or even spy fiction.

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It follows the exploits of the venture family, specific brothers Dean and Hank oui their incompetence leader them to many threats involving auto family"s arch-nemesis, thé Monarch. Thankfully, your trusty bodyguard Brock et their father unconventionally store them safe.

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8 Robot Chicken (2005-)

Robot Chicken is likewise one du the longest mainstays du Adult Swim. It"s a perfect recommendation for ventilateurs of Rick et Morty who can"t get enough of that show"s Interdimensional Cable skits. Each illustration of Robot Chicken is an irreverent anthology ns pop culture parodies.

It would seem the nothing is off-limits to these males from Twilight to even Spongebob Squarepants. Your jokes are often crass et tend to ruin the fandom for anyone also emotionally invested in a certain show jaune film. It"s all in good fun, du course.

At sapin glance, one might mistake Solar Opposites for an episode of Rick and Morty. That"s due to the fact that Justin Roiland, Rick et Morty"s co-creator, is one du the people responsible parce que le this alien household comedy cartoon.

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Some can even say that it feels like année expanded déditions of an Interdimensional Cable skit from Rick and Morty or one ns the many dimensions of that show. Either way, it"s precious watching in Hulu à la Justin Roiland"s brand alone et a crossover with Rick et Morty seems inevitable.

6 Mr. Pickles (2013-2019)

speaking of an adult cartoon that feels like it came from thé hellish depths ns the minds ns whoever composed disgusting Interdimensional Cable skitsMr. Pickles indigenous Adult swim is relentlessly crude-- in a drôle way. Cette features over-the-top shock and gore with de nombreux of satanic iconographies.

The whole show revolves around auto dog protagonist, Mr. Pickles who is living a doubs life oui a Satanist while protecting his disabled et clueless human garçon owner. Thé most shocking part of the seul is that Mr. Pickles isn"t even the evilest character.

Now nous to lighter and Rated G jaune E cartoons, Steven Universe is a Rick et Morty adventure si Morty chose the escapade et if the whole multiverse was no messed up and nihilistic. The doesn"t make cette boring though unless you"re empiler Sanchez.

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Steven Universe is around Steven et his 3 Crystal Gem girlfriend who are guardians de worlds. Stephen himself is likewise part-Crystal Gem and is entrusted to save people in miscellaneous adventures. Individuel from the charming story and characters, auto soundtrack is also what"s going à keep viewers comes back for more.

4 Adventure temps (2010-2018)

Rick et Morty don"t delve much into imaginer parodies but when castle do, your episodes feel favor a mature-rated dépense of Adventure Time. It"s one du Cartoon Network"s most successful shows in auto previous decade and holds its own weight well, perhaps even timelessly.

Adventure Time is the therapeutic and psychedelic romp of meilleur friends Finn et Jake oui they marche around auto post-apocalyptic pays of Ooo helping auto Candy Kingdom and getting right into adventures that are the Rated G or E-equivalent of a psilocybin trip. Auto show"s music, for that matter, is top-notch as well.

Apparently, Alex Hirsch, the créateur of Gravity Falls, is a close friend du Justin Roiland of Rick and Morty. Ont such, ventilateurs shouldn"t be surprised à see some Rick and Morty Easter eggs here and there in Gravity Falls and vice versa.

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Gravity Falls is also a strange series de adventures of Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel oui soon oui they set foot in thé small, weird, et paranormal city of Gravity Falls. Don"t it is in fooled de the disney channel tag, it"s brimming through dark and adult humor and innuendos.

2 auto Regular démontrer (2009-2017)

prefer any an excellent comedy show featuring two partners with chemistry, The regular Show follows nearly thé same formats as Rick et Morty. Each episode is a quick journey where the two protagonists space constantly put in situations out de their control.

The difference is the Mordecai and Rigby, auto show"s heroes, are humble working-class typical Joes, other than they"re anthropomorphic animals. Their girlfriend are additionally equally weird and inhuman i beg your pardon is part du the show"s allure.

Last marqué not the very least a kids" cartoon the was way ahead de its time (and the rating) indigenous Nickelodeon, Invader Zim. It"s a morbid and darkly unapologetic sci-fi seul that follows thé story of Zim, an alien from auto planet Urk who sole commander is venir singlehandedly invade terre to knife approval indigenous his superiors.

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The problem is, he"s incompetent and a human jeune named Dib fabriquer him out. What follows is a person vs. Alien rivalry excellent unlike any est différent in cartoons with constant dashes de absurdist humor et unhinged characters where Zim appears venir be the most stable et most human, ironically.

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