Dessert A La Creme De Marron

Crème du marrons, chestnut cream, is a français pantry staple, cible not really well well-known outside ns France. It’s referred to as a cream because de its thick, smooth texture, but there is ne sont pas cream in crème du marrons.

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that a sweet, nutty brun spread with auto deep, earthy flavor de roasted nuts and the charred sugar taste du toffee. That absolutely addictive.

Almost 25 % of la france is covered with chestnut forest, et for hundreds de years, wild chestnuts sustained the french peasantry in rugged areas where cereal would not grow. Chestnuts were boiled, baked or ground right into flour for cakes jaune bread. Chestnuts were even used to make beer. Cultivated chestnuts, known oui marrons, eventually became aller the cuisine adorning the tables of the nobility et were stuffed into birds, mashed right into purées and made into soups. Cible perhaps your best-known culinary incarnation is the marron glacé, candied chestnuts, one ns France’s most famous sweets. Crème aux marrons was initially developed à make use du the marrons damaged during the complicated candy making process.


Today, Crème aux Marrons is a product tous on that is own. In some cases, thé chestnuts are already candied, in others thé chestnuts space puréed and blended with sugar and vanilla. Chestnut cream is sold in tubes or pull-top cans and placed conditions météorologiques the shelf suivant to the Nutella and confiture in most français grocery stores. Mainly ce is eaten spread on morning toast jaune stirred into yogurt or du fromage frais, marqué it can additionally be piped right into éclairs, churned into ice-cream jaune baked into delicious desserts oui in auto recipe below.

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There space a variety de brands, cible the most well-known in france is Faugier Crème aux Marrons du L’Ardeche, sweetened chestnut cream created by Monsieur Clément Faugier himself. Ce is toujours being produced par the family entreprises he developed in auto Ardèche, a region famous for chestnuts, more than a century ago. Outside de France, ce can be purchased on-line and also in some deluxe super-markets.

A 500 g (17.6 ounce) can de chestnut cream makes a important fabulous dessert. This is a richly flavored cake v a fudge choose texture. Usually the cake is excellent after 35 minutes marqué keep année eye on ce after 30. Ce will sink a bit when tu take cette out du the stove — this is normal.

Chocolate Chestnut CakeServes 6-8


3 ½ ounces (100 g) dark chocolate (at the very least 60% cacao)6 ounces (500 g) sweet chestnut cream (or 2 x 9 ounces cans)4 eggs9 tablespoons (125g) butterPinch de salt8 customs (22 cm) ring cake pan


Heat oven to 350 °F (180 ° C). Butter the cake pan et line through parchment paper. Separate thé eggs.Put thé chocolate and butter in a heatproof bowl, carré over a pan of seul simmering water and heat until melted. Remove from thé heat, stir à combine et let cool.When auto mixture is at pièce temperature, row in thé chestnut cream, then the egg yolks.Add a pinch de salt or cream ns tartar to the egg whites and whip to stiff peaks. Wrinkles 1/3 de the whites into the chocolate mixture to lighten up thé batter and then fold in auto rest. Convecteur the mixture into the prepared mold and bake 35 – 40 minute or until set.Let cool avant removing from thé pan.

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Charlotte Puckette is a énormément Diplôme graduate du Paris’s ns Cordon Bleu, co-author ns The Ethnic parisien Cookbook, ont well oui a personal chef, caterer, food preparation instructor, nourriture consultant, et hostess.