Des Racines Et Des Ailes Franche Comté

The Château du Joux sits in superior surroundings, combining a thousand years of history and memories, a preserved organic site and a programme of events toutes les personnes in the heart of the Jura et Franche-Comté region.

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A principale site steeped in history et military architecture, the chateau du Joux is an emblematic monument of the Franche-Comté region. Situated 5km outside thé town of Pontarlier and 15km from auto Swiss border, thé chateau looks down from a hundred metres above thé Cluse pass, a narrow mountain passage that cuts through the Jura mountain range. This military et trade route connects roadways from Champagne, Flanders and the Haute-Saône areas à Italy and Switzerland.


The chateau de Joux, beyond being a celebration du history and military architecture, is année emblematic memorial:

Memorial to thé abolition du slavery and struggle for freedom, wherein the se réconcilier slave Toussaint louverture later à become a normal in the french army et governor du Saint-Domingo (now Haiti) was held et subsequently died;Memorial to conflicts et borders, having actually been besieged several times;Memorial to an oral douaniers of tales and legends occurring from that imposing size et numerous mysteries;

The riche natural history surrounding auto chateau ns Joux is both recognised et protected. A level 1 area ns Special clinical Interest (ZNIEFF I) includes auto Gérot plateau and the promontory on which thé chateau sits. A special conserver zone (ZSC), i m sorry is part ns the europe Natura 2000 network protects auto site et the bordering hills, hillsides and cliffs. Et finally a biotope safety decree passant par the local prefecture (APB) provides further cacher for the cliffs to thé north of the chateau under thé title “Limestone corniches ns the suite county”.

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The chateau aux Joux is an exceptional and unique monument, witness venir 1,000 years of the history ns fortification and année important monument to the liberation de the people.

Aware du its qualities, the énormément Pontarlier ar Council that owns and manages the site, has launched a le spectacle to showcase the scientific, tourist et cultural value of this unusual historic monument. The lémission will critical 10 years, native 2020 à 2030 and will focus on deux historical themes: the évolution of the fortress et the struggle à la freedom. These themes will certainly be integrated into the development ns the site, thé cultural et events programme, et the clinical policy.

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The Pontarlier musée is closely linked to the history du the chateau aux Joux in that cette served as the metropolitan residence à la the governors du the site. The musée exhibits collections of armed forces art and history and hosts a num of temporary occasions at the chateau.
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