There room ... Work WITH et DAYS WITHOUT, nous will know that auto "days without" space symbolized by black, "the days with" passant par color, and the human being who go in this universe fabriquer of "ups et downs" Acrylic and Sand nous canvas, painting with knives et brushes, superior top quality varnish, hanging system installed. autographiés on thé work oui well as on auto back, certificate de authenticity provided. This canvas is marketed with the frame: American

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Every occupational is closely packaged by the artist, according venir standardized packaging specifications set par Auto work is climate entrusted à a specialized delivery carrier. A delivery time will be arranged in between you et the carrier et the work-related will be delivered to thé address indicated at the time ns the order. Auto packaging et delivery costs parce que le the job-related are right now paid for passant par Thé delivery prices will only be invoiced if the customer has expressly requested that thé work be framed (due venir extra weight), or si the delivery destination is not covered by our shipping partner et the use de a various carrier, at non-preferential rates is required. Si the work should venir broken or damaged, will certainly pay parce que le the return costs et manage any inclusif between auto artist and the buyer. Si the work-related cannot it is in repaired or restored, the customer is automatically reimbursed.

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all the artists nous the platform ont been especially selected and certify to seul sell works, ns which castle are thé creator. Whatever auto medium, thé work is ressentir to the buyer through a certificate of authenticity. Photographs are numbered and signed. Every customer have the right to be offered a copy de their certificate de authenticity de contacting support

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« painting is a struggle! A fight that goes nous until auto canvas is completed; the harshness du the fight is no visible nous the work, on the work-related there is only the civilized signature of the armistice, auto intensity de the fight is only visible on my palette oz the canvas is signed, et the spectator does not see it ... Cette can thus enter thé canvas without concern et sometimes discover what cette has come to seek there. »