Demain nous appartient du 5 novembre 2018

Meet the actors of the TF1 series "Demain nous appartient" à la a Selfie sessions on june 16 at thé Monte-Carlo television Festival!

For the second consecutive year, auto actors de the series will attendre à the Festival!

The French étoiles Ingrid Chauvin will come back nous the rouge carpet, but new visage will represent the program for this 59th edition.

The Selfie sessions will take place nous the ventilateur Zone from noon venir 1 pm. Une whole hour à share through your favori actors!

Take a selfie through Ingrid Chauvin, Luce Mouchel, Clement Remiens, Axel Kiener, et Samira Lachhab.

To je suis en attente the event, faire not forget to livre your cost-free e-tickets de clicking here.

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