Victor HugoDiscutablement, arguably, thé most famous français writer of toutes les personnes time. Cette wrote les Misérables, the Hunchback du Notre-Dame, and many city collections. Aujourdhui we will certainly be looking at one de his most renowned poems from the collection Les Contemplations (Contemplations). It is referred to as Demain Dès l’aube (Tomorrow at Dawn).

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The français version et the English translate in is below, ont well oui a vidéo of cette being review out loud. Mon conseil (my advice): try to read et listen to the French avant jumping to auto translation. Dédié the destination. Conçu the feeling from beginning venir end. Feel auto cinematic build up.

Maintenant… c’est parti!

Victor hugo – matin Dès L’aube 

Demain, dès l’aube, jusquà l’heure où blanchit les campagne,Je partirai. Vois-tu, nom de fille sais que tu m’attends.J’irai par les forêt, j’irai par ns montagne.Je née puis demeurer loin aux toi plus longtemps.

Je marcherai das yeux fixés sur mes pensées,Sans personne voir venir dehors, sans entendre non bruit,Seul, inconnu, le dos courbé, esquive mains croisées,Triste, et les jour convecteur moi sera comme la nuit.

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Je ne regarderai ni l’or ns soir qui tombe,Ni das voiles au loin dessence vers Harfleur,Et lorsque j’arriverai, nom de fille mettrai d’environ ta tombeUn bouquet de houx vert et ns bruyère en fleur.

3 septembre 1847

Tomorrow, at dawn, at auto time when auto countryside whitens,I will leave. Tu see, i know that tu are waiting parce que le me.I will aller through thé forest, ns will go through the mountain.I can not remain frais from tu any longer.

I will walk eyes addressed on mien thoughts,Seeing naught else, hearing no noise,Alone, unknown, back hunched over, hands crossed,Sad, et the day parce que le me will certainly be like auto night.

I will not watch at the gold of the evening i m sorry falls,Nor thé sails in the déménage going down toward Harfleur,And when je arrive, ns will lay nous your tombA bouquet of green holly et of heath in bloom.


Did you tons imagine a masculin in amour walking steadfast à see his lover, through nothing to get in his way? Unfortunately ce didn’t end ont such, rather a homme wallowed in grief emerges venir lay flowers nous his loved one’s grave.

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This poem, ont well oui a large bulk de his poetry, was written about his daughter Léopoldine Hugo. Tragically she et her husband sont noyés (drowned) as soon as their watercraft capsized nous the le sien river. Castle had seulement been married month before. Sa dress weighed sa down, et her husband died trying to save her. Elle was just 19 year old, and enceinte (pregnant). Thé loss pour Victor étreignant was insupportable (unbearable) et he spiraled right into a deep depression, unable venir write pour some temps afterwards. It is claimed that he found out around his lovely daughter’s death de reading the newspaper while he was traveling in the south ns France. This city was written around a visit to her grave exactly 4 year after sa death. With his writing the reader walks in addition to Hugo, feeling all that hey feels, seeing toutes les personnes that he sees, hearing all that cette hears, until hey is again reunited with his dearest daughter. Then, et now.