Once a resident in France, amie are liable to pay count in la france on your an international income. The french social security systemis one du the most generous in thé world marqué it’s paid for par high social charges and French taxes.

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France’s tax système can it is in tricky to navigate. In between income taxes, social security contributions, et taxes nous goods and services, yes sir a beaucoup to keep surveiller of. Thankfully, ont long as you aller your research and seek expert advice when necessary, elle can avoid most diriger pitfalls.

This guide on counting in la france sets the end a communication only, et you should take adeptes advice nous your individual taxes situation.


Elitax’s service span auto full spectrum du tax advice, assistance, et support to meet auto specific needs of the separation, personal, instance expatriate in France. Your primary se concentrer is income and wealth taxation returns, wherein they aid expats on positioning, preparation and processing of the retour during thorough personal consultations. Elitax also provides tax representation, tax training and tax juge support. 

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The guide provides advice on the following:

The tax système in France

There room three henchmen types ns personal count in France:

French earnings tax (impôt sur le revenu) social security don (charges sociales/cotisations sociales)Tax on goods and services (taxe sur la estime ajoutée TVA, jaune VAT, in France)

You also ont to salary occupier’s taxation (taxe d’habitation) or français property tax (taxe foncière), and if you selling land or home or ont assets of more 보다 €1.3 million, there may be capitale gains tax venir consider, too.

PAYE system

Since 2019, a Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) system has been used universally throughout France. Instead of filing année income tax and paying every little thing taxes elle owe parce que le the prior year, you’ll be taxed at the source de the income, in monthly payments.

Income subject to payer also contains retirement earnings (such oui pensions jaune annuities), qui appartiennent overseas income, sick et maternity leave, et rental income.

Federal taxes in France

Taxes in la france are extensive. In fact, ont someone who stays in jaune makes de largent from France, you may pay taxes conditions météorologiques the following, amongst others:

personal earnings on an annual basisinvestmentscorporate or business incomeinheritancepropertywealthpurchased goods and services

si you don’t destinées to use an accountant, be certain to do your research study thoroughly soja that amie don’t finish up facing mince or penalties.

Local taxes in France

Local residence tax: taxe d’habitation

Homeowners in la france have formerly needed à pay local residence taxation – a local communal taxes levied conditions météorologiques whoever is the occupant of a property nous 1 January every year.

As of 2021, however, thé tax has been abolished completely pour properties that are thé owner’s clé residence. Si you own deux properties in France, you’ll need venir pay the tax nous the second property.

The amount ns this french property taxation depends on the size and condition de the property, ont well ont the prices set de the local communes.

A français taxe d’habitation packet

TV license tax

Theredevance audiovisuelle (€138 in 2021) is a tax nous having one or more televisions (you’re seulement un charged once) in her house, even if you seulement un use it to clock DVDs, et appears conditions météorologiques the same français tax bill. If you don’t oui one, you oui to declare this nous your yearly tax revenir in France.

Taxes nous goods et services (VAT) in France

Taxe d’environ la estime ajoutée or compter – vat in français – is a taxes on certain goods et services, i m sorry is contained in the sale price. The la norme TVA price in france is 20%. However, there room reduced français TVA rates for avec certitude pharmaceuticals, public transport, hotels, restaurants, et tickets à sporting/cultural events (10%); food and books (5.5%); et TV licenses and newspapers (2.1%).

Can you volonté a refund conditions météorologiques VAT?

If you’re not a resident du the EU, you peut faire be able à apply pour a tva refund. Auto process have the right to be tedious, but you’ll need receipts de items to buy (totaling at least €100.01 or more), and all the items should have been bought nous the same day and should come from thé same store.

Be sure à ask pour the Detaxe form avant you leave thé store et ask si they ont a tax refund workdesk where you can volonté the tva refund there and then. Si not, take thé Detaxe and your receipts to the VAT desk at auto airport; amie can complete the process antérieur à you inspect your bags and enter security.

Who has to pay tax in France?

You’re liable à pay counting in france if:

France is your henchmen place of residence or home – si your spouse et children habitent in France et you job-related abroad, you may still be thought about a french tax resident.You room resident in France parce que le more than 183 days in a calendar année – no necessarily consecutively.Your main captation is in France.Your most comprehensive assets space in France.

French tax refunds and credits

You pouvez be able to reduce her tax bill with français tax refunds, allowances and concessions. These deserve to include:

la componter pour l’emploi or PPE si you are working in a experienced capacity and you earn under a certain levelemployee social security contributionsany professional/employment-related expenses (up à €12,305)if you appui a person in your patrie over the âge of 75rental losses native unfurnished properties (up to €10,700)losses from entreprise or skilled activitychild soutien payments parce que le minors not part du your fiscal householdenergy conserver works nous your homeif amie are nous a court income elle might it is in able to volonté relief native local français property taxes

You have the right to visit auto localCaisse d’Allocations Familiales(known asLa Caf) to find out what french tax refunds room available and how to apply.

The français tax system pour foreigners

Non-residents of la france are taxed nous income deserve from french sources. So, even si you’re no living in france permanently cible you aller work parce que le a français company, you’ll volonté taxed on that income. That said, france does havetax treaties with a alors of countriesthat permit residents of avec certitude countries à avoid double taxation.

France is signed nous to thé Automatic Exchange of informations (AEOI), which seeks à fight taxation evasion par requiring gaue won intermediaries à be transparent about their clients’ tax residence in signatory countries.

Income taxes in France

France’s earnings tax rates depend nous whether she single or married, even if it is you ont kids and, if so, comment many, ont well as your income and whether you self-employed.

A typical français income taxes form

Personal earnings tax rates à la residents

Official citizens pay français taxes nous worldwide income, which contains earnings from employment, investments, dividends, banque interest, pensions, and property. The income tax rates in la france in 2021 are thé following:

Up to €10,084:0%€10,085–€25,710:11%€25,711–€73,516:30%€73,517–€158,222:41%€158,223+:45%

Personal revenue tax rates pour non-residents

Non-residents generally pay tax nous their France-sourced revenue at a minimum français tax rate du 20% for French-sourced earnings up to €27,519 et 30% parce que le income above this threshold.

How to file your earnings tax revenir inFrance

Thanks à the payé system, pour every monthly salary you receive, you’ll pay your earnings tax there et then, in real-time.

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Generally, exception to the paye system encompass investment revenue (including mérite from sapin insurance policies), capitale gains from financial investments and real estate, et non-French income.

Check the end our detailed manuel on how to la gestion a français tax return

Filing general tax returns

If elle need venir complete a taxation return and have previously submitted one, tu will probably be sent a completed kind automatically, pour you to check, amend si necessary and return. Si you don’t importer one or if it’s your first time, you can volonté one indigenous your local tax office (centre des impôts) ormairie, or online throughFrance’s Finance Ministry.

It is her responsibility venir make sure elle complete et submit your français tax return, even si you think amie will fall below auto income threshold à pay any french tax.


The filing deadlines change yearly, and deadlines are announced in March jaune April of the very same year. So, à la 2020’s return, you’ll savoir the deadlines passant par late spring ns 2021.

In 2020, thé deadline was 12 June for paper returns and 4 June pour online returns.

If elle don’t meet the deadline, you will do it incur a fine of 10% of your taxes bill. Read much more in our manuel to filing a français tax return.

Self-employed earnings tax in France

In France, if you space self-employed and the only employee (for example, a freelancer), you’re considered a micro-entrepreneur and you advantage from a tax condition that considerably simplifies her tax and accounting requirements. This way that, pour income taxes, you’ll file under the standard personal progressive rates.

However, si you own a larger entreprise that cannot droit under auto micro-entrepreneur status, you file taxes with the normalement regime réel, where your revenue tax and social security contribuer are based nous profits and appropriate entreprise costs are deducted.

Filing nous taxes native France

Despite thé fact the every us citizen et Green map holder is required to file a tax return with theIRS even when life abroad, many expatriates encore fail to do so. Numerous are unaware de these obligations, reasoning that as an expat they à faire not need to pay or file tax revenir in auto US. Elle do, in fact! pour help submit your nous tax revenir from France, check out even more in our guider tofiling nous taxes native abroad.

Tax nous property et wealth in France

French residential property tax: Taxe fonciere

If amie are buying jaune already very own aproperty in France, tu will oui to salary thetaxe foncièreor français property tax, even si you’re renting it out. The facture dachat for thetaxe foncièrearrives in thé last quarter de the year et the quantity is based on the estimated annual rental value ns the property multiplied by a percent set by the partagé (ask parce que le more informations at your localmairie). Tu can pay auto tax in installments or in advance de monthly direct debit.


Thetaxe foncièrerate pour a primary patrie is about 1%, et 3% for secondary homes. Similar to thetaxe d’habitation, cette also includes thé extraprélèvements pour base élevée et pour les loger secondairetax marqué no tax soulagement is offered for children. You’ll likewise need venir arrangeinsurance in France.

Waste collection

Usually taxed along with taxe fonciere is thé Taxe d’Enlèvement côtoyé Ménagères (TEOM), i beg your pardon is how a locality charge for waste collection services. Part localities decide à fund this service through their normal budget, but many select instead to tax residents.

French capitale gains tax

Capital revenu tax in la france (impôt sur les reconnaissance values)is payé on the daller of buildings, land, and shares.

A seul flat-rate tax du 30% is applied nous savings and investment income and gains – comprising du income taxes at 12.8% et social charges of 17.2%.

Capital le revenu tax nous property comprises du income tax of 19% plus 17.2% social charges, do a total de 36.2%.

French riches tax

In 2018 france abolished wide range tax nous financial assets, replacing it with IFI (Impôt d’environ la fortune Immobilière), i beg your pardon is seul applicable venir real estate assets. The tiers de wealth tax are the following:

€800,000 à €1.3 million:0.50%€1.3 million à €2.57 million:0.70%€2.57 million à €5 million:1%€5 million à €10 million:1.25%€10 million+:1.5%

As a reminder, non-residents are seulement un taxed on français assets, while occupants are taxation on all assets worldwide. A riches tax cap applies for French residents, meaning auto total counting shouldn’t exceed 75% du income.

Inheritance taxation in France

Inheritance tax in la france is notoriously complex. For deceased residents du France, toutes les personnes worldwide assets space subject to french inheritance tax, while tous French-based estates are subject to tax even si the beneficiary isn’t a resides in France.

For non-residents, countless bilateral taxes treaties with Franceprovide exemptions pour paying français tax on worldwide assets.

In general, after any type of applicable deductions and exemptions, concède after including back any gifts given from thé deceased within auto prior 15 years, the inheritance rates à la parents, children and grandchildren are thé following:

Tax-free allowance: €100,000Up venir €8,072:5%€8,072–€12,109:10%€12,109–€15,932:15%€15,932–€552,324:20%€552,324–€902,838:30%€902,838–€1,805,667:40%€1,805,667+:45%

Siblings du the deceased room taxed at 35% for amounts up venir €24,430 and 45% pour more, after a français tax refund du €15,932. Others are taxed at 55% jaune 60% depending on their relationship. More informations is obtainable in our guide to french inheritance tax.

Company taxes and VAT prices in France

When tu are running your own entreprise in France, you peut être betaxed under the personal income tax système (Impôts pour le Revenu, IR)orFrench that company tax system (Impôts d’environ les Societiés, IS). If you areoperating ont a sole trader or freelance worker under the newmicro-entrepriseregime,you will pay tax et social charge based conditions météorologiques turnover (income native yourbusiness) under themicro-fiscal simplifiésystem.

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Read an ext in our manuel toFrench corporate taxes, as well ont how tostart a entreprises in Franceor collection up oui afreelancer jaune self-employed in France.