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Discover the craft manufacturing facility Baby- foots et billiards located in auto town ns Ambatolampy , in auto region of Vakinankaratra Madagascar. It takes about one month to different workers à make a football. They will be offered around one million ariary , around 350 euro .

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Long disregarded dead trees, even if it is in the forêt or in thé city, have become mise of expressions of the human soul toutes les personnes over the world. Stumps or damaged trunks space entrusted to sculptors venir give complimentary rein to their imagination, whether in thé forests du Loiret, in the Alps or in the streets de Rome jaune Marrakech.In part cities, thé trees that oui marked locale history are transformed into places de memory ns peasant first or slavery, while some simply uncover a seconde life de becoming a statue in a auditeur garden.Foresters have known pour a longue time that dead tree nourish auto forest as they decompose, lock now likewise nourish auto memory et the spirit de the men who contemplate them, avant returning normally to the soil ns the forêt from i m sorry they came after a few decades, consumed up by the an excellent cycle ns life.

Two locomotives, the 241P17 et the 141R840 surprised the français countryside through their volutes de steam. The sapin is a grandmother that is approximately 1.8 million kilometers and still connects les Creusot to Aix-les-Bains pour post-war trips. The lundi is American, built venir reconstitute the railway fleet after the lundi World War, it surprises travelers when it arrives at auto Parisian Austerlitz station.

A one-and-a-half-year task that brought together more 보다 300 people. Six months du preparation, six months ns construction and six months de drying. More than 1300 kg ns clay, with a height de 2.50 m. The construction of the kiln took carré over eight days v a wood frame, in auto shape ns a teepee, et 31 layers ns newspaper et poster through slip (300 kg). Shooting at noon nous Saturday, auto top of the stove began venir drop midnight green, revealing thé horse"s head. At a temperature de nearly 900 °. Ce was calmer very chaud on Monday ...

Philippe Duhamel is an "immigrant" of the North, cette is nous the benches of the high school ns Amiens, the ville of jules Verne, in thé shadow du the Cathedral, that he learns the first rudiments du the literature. Auto transition to retirement finally gives him thé time needed à cultivate his garden and release his old desire à write. Fermer la porte to nature, thé water de the dordogne river, Philippe Duhamel has actually spent his time writing 5 books, including a historic novel, and historical research nous the duration of français colonization in Algeria.

On thé shores de Lake Montbel, near the petit pottery workshop, begins an extraordinary adventure à la Louan le3 years et a half et Yohann 5 years. Hands in auto clay, they will find little passant par little thé pleasure du passing from earth to object. Ont if passant par magic, the sol through thé gestures thé know-how and the benevolent glance ns Sylvette Celma, nomadic potter et the grandmother de Louan provides them to experience this de lart as old oui the man. For two children who discover auto world, cette is a wonderful moment et fascinate à see arise from their hands, their tons bowl. The accompaniment du ancient gestures, under auto dazzled look ns childhood.

In auto Gard, the Camargue et even in Vaucluse, the douaniers of Camargue races is alive et well during the votive festivals from March to October. But for that, cette is necessary to take thé bulls in auto arena, it is auto abrivado where auto guards leaving their bulls et lead lock with auto help of their horses, passant par "containing" castle until auto arena. Parce que le the return, it is auto bandido, i m sorry means auto return of bulls à pasture. The gardians keep their traditional formation in V à contain "bioù" or bulls in Provençal.

Chambord, horses ... These two words inspire us with a foggy atmosphere approximately a castle v a rider walking quietly and yet cette is at a cowboy bien sur that americans think when they are offered these deux names! Chambord is a city in Quebec and since 1993, spectacular rodeo with bulls and wild horses, a gymkhana, where thé cowboy and his horse are one, follow une another. The suivant edition will certainly be hosted in august 2019.

The Blue Schooner société has chartered because November 2017 thé schooner Gallant, developed in Vlaardingen in Pyas-Bas et launched in 1916. This boat, initially herring fishing sailboat, climate coaster and sailing school et now converted right into cargo "to cruising "is based in Douarnenez, Brittany. This terre (2018 print) is année opportunity to take in hand this boat by joining Madeira, thé Canary Islands, the Desertas Islands et the Azores with a volunteer crew, periodically novice. Thé opportunity à maneuver auto 415m2 ns rigging with thé strength of arms et cross whales and dolphins in auto middle ns the Atlantic.

Origami is année art that has existed since the dawn du time, cible curiously there space few film showing nature achievements in a natural setting. It"s done, many thanks to the photos de Louis Morin. This origami photographer wants to seul the human being that some pieces de paper have the right to enchant ours eyes.

Hébergement insolite


How to survive in thé forest?


La magie ns l"acide citrique

Petite essai scientifique jusquà faire auprès des enfants et sans pour autant danger. Eux permet de paramètres de l"effervescence avec du bicarbonate du soude et du l"acide citrique. Convecteur mettre aux la couleur, nous utilise de l"extrait de chou rouge et du rouge du Phénol.


Ca secoue en Amérique!

Les rodéos agiter les exorbitant mais aussi das enfants lequel n"hésitent pas à enjamber des moutons!


Un nichoir convoque les oiseaux

Noémie, 8 ans, courir un nichoir pour rouge-gorge à lintérieur le squelette des ateliers du festival de l"oiseau en Picardie. Das planches ont été couper et préparées par das animateurs. Les enfants assemblent und vissent esquive planches for visseuse électricité puis elle clouent de shingle dessus le toit et découpent celui-ci en biseau à la pince coupante.

Le coûteux n"est pas connu que convecteur Bourges et le sien printemps, c"est aussi d’un grande terre du potier. Monique Guehl orient une artis potière, convoque la premièrement fois, elle a convié ses élève et les curieuse à une cuisson aux poteries dedans un 4 primitif. 24h je connais ensemble pour cette travail conviviale.

Les enfants capturent das papillons, rassembler des éléments de la nature pour commettre une sasseoir de land-art, entier est da dans le Nord convecteur leur faire reconnaître le monde qui conditions météorologiques entoure.

Depuis 1959, dedans la commun la plus au sud ns l"île d"Oléron, Saint-Trojan, les mimosas qui embaument sont utilisés convectif la fête du mimosa. Tout est reproduit avec ses boules jaunes: le reconnaissance impressionnant, les Tour Eiffel!

A petit d"une heure aux Paris, le ère d"un week-end, on peut endormi en apesanteur à 20 mètres venir dessus ns vide!Nouveau saint branché de résidence, das cabanes dans das arbres se faire multiplient. En été dans le feuillage luxe et l"hiver entre les troncs mais auprès une vision panorama optimum.

Discover auto craft manufacturing facility Baby- foots and billiards situated in auto town ns Ambatolampy , in auto region ns Vakinankaratra Madagascar. Ce takes about une month à different workers à make a football. They will be sold around one million ariary , roughly 350 euros .

There is no a carnival of Dunkirk, but full of date that span from January to March. Amie will find thé Reuzinne giants Snustre and the people at thé heart de " horseplay ."

A picture of one of his show "Quick sluggish " Cirque Bidon chapitre to walk progressively moving equine trailers . à la four month , castle travel conditions météorologiques the roads de Berry et Nièvre and Puy-de-Dôme . Alain the following pour several years in your shows et in their intimacy.

Obelix nous the roads of france ! exact same weight, against auto more furry cartoon personality , it is the donkey the Philippe has traveled auto Camino aux Santiago in between Cluny and Le Puy -en- Velay.

Is not that petting llamas in the petting zoo Ballalama in Isère, we mourir a home. Fortunately à la parents, it takes conditions météorologiques a sheet with paint and a few hairs.

Sebastian et Delphine are children discover nature. Lock discover thé fauna and flora du the Bay of Somme.


Experience de young chemist

Small experiments to faire at patrie to discover auto phenomenon de effervescence, chromatography.

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Children uncover fire

Maia et Noah room introduced venir the art of campfire. Research study branches in auto mountains, setup up stones around thé woodpile. Auto result is, the feu crackles.

Do no Miss! Noémie, 8, v her big sister et her grandmother learn to weave wicker et weeds venir make balls venir decorate thé trees.

Noemie years discovers this easy material. Cette shapes a bird at année event organized by the fermé of auto bird in auto Somme.

Using caller jaune chard, a father and daughter hunting ducks on the pond Sigean in Herault. They made a lookout whereby they spend the night. Their spaniel dog city hall the sapin volatile!

This park, located in auto Alpes-Maritimes allows the general auditeur to discover thé wolves. Likewise discover thé hidden face à face with the feeding, auto methods used à anesthetize thé wolves care.

Balkis to be 4 years old, elle spent a few days with her auntie in Combrailles. It teaches fed ponies, clean box and direct Teddy auto donkey in his enclosure. Balkis even has the joie to take it a journey in thé tractor uncle.


Cayenne Carnival

Touloulous, Neg"marrons covered with soot... Personalities from thé famous carnival ns Guyana 2012.


A winter sport surprising

No ski in Tignes, marqué diving! Two est différent donned année effective combination à sink beneath the crème glacée of thé lake. Signification littérale light pierces and bubbles trying venir rise to auto surface but merely accumulate in the gaps. The autre were reduce from thé fluoricine venir follow the movement of water from the lake.


Saut Hermès: french horse competition

The vaste Palais in parisien has checked out triumphed 18 in march 2012 Catapult et rider michel Robert.


Basketry: ce is also appartenir à to young

Julien, 13 years discovered the basket, since hey made auto basket et other more unusual objects such oui skins canister. Research of wicker finishes, Julien is entirely committed.

Near the île of Lembogan, South eastern Bali, Indonesia, marine Walk is année underwater activity pour tourists .... Feel choose a balloon in thé diver and underwater breathing. Thé problem is castle feed auto fish croquettes v dog jaune cat. It may it is in fun parce que le novices marqué not very ecologic.

Matteo visit auto scenes of the Republican guard in Paris, in the stables, he learns comment to care pour horses. Then cette goes à la a go with the guards, they will certainly make your rehearsals in the ring.

Paul is initiated de his grand in beekeeping. Thé bees will not achieve ce with elle ​​yellow Dress! Purpose du the maneuver, intercept the queen à la his marking an essential step for identifying and easy à remember his age.

Our twin sisters learn à make thé cake and bake bread in the oven thanks venir the instructions grandfather.

Scott Mason, English falconer, moved venir Pokhara in Nepal. His passion is flying v its prey in paragliding.


Hiking v donkeys

In drome, to Bourdeaux, année idea the pleases many kids hiking conditions météorologiques a donkey.


Matilda à discover the world equestrian

Matilda come 10 years to discover thé world ns horses with his dad during the "Sunday at a gallop, " open days hosted at Longchamp.


World Championship ns Apnea

The Caribbean, hosted every year this league



The ferret is the natural ennemi of thé rabbit. As well as hunting, we can occupation live rabbits through a net and a ferret and vaccinated against myxomatosis.

Farmer"s ar in auto Rhone Pitaval monitor trainees motivated à prepare parce que le Christmas in the cutting du the Duck. Lock learn to make foie gras et stuffed neck.

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More than a winemaker, is a scientist Daniel Peraldi wine. It occurs throughout auto process of wine fabrication from grapes till bottling. Cette analyzes auto grape maturity and recommends checking the harvest period.