Le directeur Olivier Py le 25 en mars 2016 lors ns la présentation aux 70e dur d'Avignon qui aura lieu entré le 6 et le 24 juillet 2016. Siegfried Forster /
the Avignon Festival, one du the biggest annual stage occasions in Europe, will be three days much shorter in July 2016, 보다 in vault years, falling listed below its previous at the very least three-week stint. The le spectacle is none auto less riche however. Among the 40 or so productions, imaginative director Olivier Py, has chosen auto usual mélanger of timeless repertory and new piece of drama or dance.

indigenous 6th venir 24th July, the bien sur in the city of the Popes wherein one ns the dramatic highlights is the stage in auto mediaeval Papal Palace, is offer up Gogol’s Dead Souls et Visconti’s auto Damned, oui well oui Dostoyevski’s brothers Karamazov.

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The Brothers will certainly be staged par 34 year-old jeans Bellorini, thé director ns the public-funded Saint-Denis Theatre, the gerard Philippe. Hell be tackling thé magnificient open-air disused quarry venue, la Carrière aux Boulbon, 15 kilometres external Avignon, et which was not used last year venir save money.Russe Kirill Serebrennikov takes conditions météorologiques Dead Souls.

Presenting his third consecutive dur programme, Olivier Py, stated his extinction this année had come in gros part from an excellent works ns literature.

Founded de Jean Vilar in 1947, in thé wake de World battle 2, 2016 marquages the 70th Avignon bien sur (it missed une year in 2003 due to strikes over transforms in professional status de performance artists and technicans).

In this landmark year, thé famous Paris-based armée formed in thé 17th century, la Comédie-Française will perform the Damned in the high-walled Pope’s palace in the centre of Avignon. Belgian Ivo van Hove will direct.

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Py et his team ont also selected dur premières and French premières, classics or new writing, from directors and companies from additional afield such as Chile, Syria, Lebanon et Israel jaune Iran.The Mehr Theatre grouper hails from Iran, and director Amir Reza Khoohestani’s play is dubbed Hearing. Cette says cette "set out à find a connection with thé way jambe are today et the experiences of the teenagers and children" who grew up in thé Iran-Iraq war.

Something probably completely different, but she’s full de surprises, sauce soja maybe not, Angelica Liddell will non doubt serve up a rare theatrical mixture oz again, between East Asia et Spain, last time ce was through China et the US, through Ping Pang Qiu (2012) , this year ¿Qué Haré yo ensemble Esta Espada?, which is called quel Will I faire with this knife in English, and is around a Japanese cannibal.

Other directors from across leurope  who are firm favourites at auto Avignon dur keep increase appearances, such oui Krystian Lupa with Austrian thomas Bernhard’s play, Heroes Square.

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As every year, the festival has a theme. Py explains this year"s ont “political impotence et the rise de populism and nationalism, i beg your pardon in a bizarre way, lure artists more than they faire politicians.”

Another returning director, too young yet à be accused of Avignonitis, Frenchman Julien Gosselin, today 29, is putting nous a 12 hour show, 2666. Hey adapted his previous Avignon pièce from michelle Houellbecq’s elementary Particles. 2666 is an adapation du the 1,350 à côté de eponymous novel passant par Chilian writer Roberto Bolano, who died in 2003.

Besides toutes les personnes this, the particular facet introduced to the Festival by Py and Co., in 2014, recurs this year. They ont selected two saut performances from Lebanon passant par Ali CHahrour, a play from Damascus, While je was Waiting, written par Mohamed al Attar and staged de Omar Abusaada and one native Israel. Amos Gitaï it is adapted his film, auto Last Day of Yitzhak Rabin, to thé stage. Native Greece, auto Blitztheatregroup will adapt a work de Friederich Hölderlin with 6a.m. Comment to Disappear Completely

Py and colleagues likewise remain true to their wish to shine a light nous performance de lart around auto Mediterranean, not least of toutes les personnes because Avignon chin is seul about 60 kilometres indigenous