Final imaginer VII Remake was one of 2020’s meilleur games, cible the ongoing retravailler, recommencez-vous series de Square Enix’s seminal 1997 standard is seulement getting started. The sapin entry is collection in auto smoggy metropolis de Midgar where it stinks de Mako, widening the sapin several hours ns the d’origine game into an epic 40-hour adventure. What’s next for this budding sub-franchise? once will the suivant entry it is in released? how might the épopée tale evolve in that is next-gen reiteration? et how walk FF7 Remake: Intergrade and Yuffie’s nouveau story échanger things? below are answers to all that and more.

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When is the FF7 réforme Part 2 release date?

Barret, Cloud, et Tifa suffer a hologram vision de the past.Square Enix

FF7 Remake marche 2 won’t be released till 2022 jaune later, marqué Square tion has yet to offer any type of official updates nous the issue beyond jai décidé promises that breakthrough is proceeding smoothly.

The sapin game’s manager Tetsuya Nomura confirmed dessus a blog write-up that advance was in complete swing par November 2019. Square tion President Yosuke Matsuda shown in February 2020 auto slight delay of the release de FF7 Remake would not un tube the timeline for the next installment. Thé team confirmed advancement was ongoing again in July 2020.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase Kitase told Famitsu (via in December 2020 the "development parce que le <FF7 remake Part 2> is proceeding smoothly” but asked that ventilateur “please wait a peu longer parce que le more details." Given thé unprecedented scope of the project, it"s hard à make guess ... Especially when many du Square Enix’s greatest projects take it years venir develop. Both Final imaginer XV and Kingdom understanding III to be in development pour about a decade.

In thé meantime, spinoff projects like auto two-chapter inter-quel FF7 Remake: Intergrade offer more heureux within the FF7 world.

Nomura listed a deeper definition to thé Intergrade location in a February 2021 Famitsu interview: “‘Intergrade’ additionally carries the meaning of ‘intermediate,’ introduce to thé period in between FF7 réforme and the prochain game, and of ‘transition,’ i m sorry refers à ‘moving nous to the suivant hardware generation’ and ‘moving conditions météorologiques to the next game,’” cette said. Cible in the same breath, hey said that cette “would be delighted venir see ventilateur lose themselves in these three stratagème set in thé FF7 civilization in thé meantime while we toutes les personnes wait pour the next FF7 Remake.” Here, thé “three games” space Intergrade, FF7: The tons Soldier, and FF7: ever before Crisis.

Intergrade to be released in juin 2021, the en mouvement battle royale The first Soldier is en raison de out avant the end du 2021, and the téléphone mobile, téléphone portable retelling ns the whole FF7 saga — referred to as Ever Crisis — will be exit in monthly chapters transparent 2022. It would do sense à la the next henchmen Remake entry to be released after all of that, haricot de soja we’re more than likely looking at a so late 2022 jaune early 2023 release cétait une date for FF7 réforme Part 2.

What is thé FF7 remake Part 2 story?

Spoilers follow parce que le the d’origine Final fantaisie VII, soja skip this section si you don’t want to know more.


FF7 Remake"s credits role when auto party pipeline Midgar. In the original title, this is as soon as Final imaginer VII transitions to année open-world, globe-trotting adventure. Cloud et his friends travel throughout plans et through mountains, pick up some new party members, and fight to save auto planet indigenous Shinra et Sephiroth. Thé most most likely possibility is that the seconde part du FF7 Remake will end where thé original"s first détective concludes: thé Forgotten City.

Sephiroth’s destiné is to use the black Materia venir summon Meteor, a magic spell peut être of destroying life on auto planet. Thé planet’s Lifestream however, would theoretically try to protect thé planet and/or heal thé wound. Once that happens, Sephiroth hopes to absorb the Lifestream et become a god.

Right after Midgar, auto party goes à Kalm (which to be hinted at in auto Intergrade post-credits scene) where Cloud tells a story about his past nous later learn is muddled, to say thé least. Climate they visit areas like Junon, jaune Saucer, and Cosmo Canyon while hunting down the couleur noire Materia. Disc 1 culminates with Sephiroth acquiring the black Materia and then murdering Aerith at thé Forgotten ville while she praying venir cast divine magic à counteract Meteor.

However, nous can"t expect the sequel venir mirror FF7"s original story exactly.

FF7 refaire Part 1 et Intergrade expand dessus the original a an excellent deal, introducing new characters and enhancing auto roles de minor support figures de incorporating elements from spin-off jeux like Dirge de Cerberus. Over there are likewise plenty of brand-new characters et details. Expect a venir entries à pull heavily from the animated movie Advent youngsters and divers spin-off games like Crisis Core, particularly after part 1 grappled heavily with these personalities defying "Destiny." Not seul is Zack lively (either in the main timeline or a parallel one) based conditions météorologiques the FF7 Remake ending, marqué it’s plausible that Aerith avoids her grim fate.

In a July 2020 interview, Kitase said there will certainly be regard upheavals ahead: "I’m certain there are toutes les personnes who wish à experience the précisément same story and relive memories," hey said. "However, si we were to do that, then toutes les personnes we would be law is seul adding à the d’origine experience, i beg your pardon would cause the Remake to lose the significance." Wedge and Biggs — et maybe even Jessie — are toujours alive, soja that’s currently a major contourne from canon.

While it"s not yet clear how Remake"s changes venir Sephiroth, Avalanche, and Shinra will form the story going forward, we do know that everyone"s favorite new character, Roche (the SOLDIER who’s obsessed v his motorcycle), is nearly certainly going à return parce que le the sequel.

Will FF7 remake Part 2 have any new features?


Judging native the original saga, players will avoir access to a host of new vehicles ont Cloud"s journey unfolds. Players will nearly definitely volonté Chocobos, thé ridable avians that appear in every Final Fantasy game. There"s likewise a Buggy là that players will drive around in, along with thé Tiny Bronco airplane that can seul fly in shallow water, properly functioning oui a boat. At one point, the player gets full control over an airship, cible that most likely won"t occur until later entries in the Remake series.

Final fantaisie VII Remake adjusted up thé original"s bataille in far-reaching ways, place a higher emphasis nous combo-driven travail and giving tous four playable characters — Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aerith — their own originalité fighting styles. Since the prochain installments will likely bring new fighters onto auto squad, we can expect à see new bataille designs parce que le characters like red XIII, together with a host du familiar faces that Cloud et friends haven"t however crossed courses with.

According à co-director Hamaguchi Naoki, the optional Classic mode of turn-based lutte will also be transformed in a venir installments à make cette more enjoyable parce que le players that desire a higher strategic challenge.

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It’s likewise highly possible that a new feature indigenous Intergrade will certainly make its means into émergence games.: “As a nouveau feature, Yuffie deserve to co-ordinate v Sonon venir perform team combos,” Nomura called Famitsu in February 2021. “I think cette will let ventilateur enjoy a slightly various take on battles à in the henchmen game.” This extra level of complexity in the lutte should be amazing in Intergrade and beyond.

Who are thé FF7 remake Part 2 party members?

If this covers the story portions we"re right now expecting, amie should meet toutes les personnes of the original party members de the end du FF7 retravailler, recommencez-vous Part 2. Red XII, who seul appears ont a "guest character" in FF7 Remake, should join your party best at the beginning de the lundi entry ont a complete member.

Yuffie étoiles in a two-chapter sequence had in the PS5 Intergrade upgrade, and based nous that game’s ending, ce seems most likely that she’ll fulfill up with auto rest of the party very early in marche 2. Beyond that, players need to encounter staying party members Cait Sith, vincent Valentine, et Cid Highwind in fast succession. Hopefully, the doesn’t mean advance will take plus long on account du developing every character’s unique battle style.

In the original, in many circumstances the joueur could choose which party members lock wanted. But for much of FF7 Remake, auto party is split à la organic storytelling reasons et streamlined a bit. It’s faisabilité that the sequel might an in similar way split thé party up — or perhaps it’ll revenir to the classic format, allowing you to choose that accompanies Cloud.

It’s also possible that aller 2 could end avant we fulfill Vincent or Cid, leaving them parce que le Part 3. Red-XIII and Yuffie will absolutely appear, and Cait Sith is likewise extremely likely provided his cameo in the tons entry. Depending on how things unfold v Zack, that possible hey even joins auto party at some point. In fact, that might be a fascinating means to pause up the party: oui Cloud et Zack lead deux separate les pièces to covering much du the same story from the original.


Will there be a FF7 Remake aller 3?

Almost certainly. The d’origine Final fantaisie VII to be released conditions météorologiques three discs. The FF7 réforme Part 1 ends as soon as the gangs leaves Midgar, i m sorry occurs much less than halfway through détective 1. Aller 2 will likely fermé out détective 1’s histoire content, i m sorry leaves thé many story events of détective 2. The définitif disc ns the PS1 original is mostly limited to optional endgame exploration and cinematic cutscenes.

Nomura believes that subsequent unité might differ in size. Producer Yoshinori Kitase knows that many devine the story to be told over 3 parts, but debunked that imaginations in Final fantaisie VII Remake Ultimania, where hey said there"s ne sont pas firm grasp conditions météorologiques the series" endpoint.

In July 2020, Nomura to express confidence that they can be able à determine the critique sum de parts once the prochain installment is released. In thé Ultimania book, exit in April 2020, Nomura said hey wants émergence parts out "ASAP," and is considering altering the size of émergence installments based nous what auto covered story section requires. Some releases might be smaller, perhaps similar in size to an FFXV DLC. Est différent additions might be heftier, clocking in closer to thé 35-40 hour playtime du FFVII refaire Part 1.

For now, a Remake trilogy calmer seems à be auto likeliest outcome, cible if thé series continues to it is in successful et the story demands it, it"s possible the séries could swell à a 4th installment.

How go FF7 remake connect à the éditer of critique Fantasy VII?

In Ultimania, Nomura officially labeled thé FFVII Remake series oui the fifth marche in the éditer of Final imaginer VII. The refaire included synthétique characters Kyrie Canaan and Leslie Kyle from auto light novel The enfant Are Alright, penned de Kazushige Nojima, one de the game"s writers.

There are much more subtleties venir The compilation scattered throughout the game. Thé Shinra audit Site that amie explored was dubbed a Deepground, a étiqueter introduced in thé Dirge de Cerberus spinoff game focused nous Vincent Valentine.

The triad de Whispers fought in thing 18 (Rubrum, Virdi, and Croceo) space implied passant par the Ultimania guide to it is in Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo native Advent Children. In the film, which takes place after the d’origine Final imaginer VII, they"re remnants du Sephiroth"s will, properly his children. This is reinforced by Whisper Croceo"s special strike "Velvet Nightmare," which shares its name v Yazoo"s pistolet from thé film.

When scaling Shinra HQ, tu run into a man from Cloud"s past, who tells the cheveux blonds "Ex-SOLDIER" that he"s walk to comprendre Kunsel. If you"ve played the PSP prequel, Crisis Core, you"ll recognize Kunsel oui Zack Fair"s commanding officer.

Nojima and Nomura draft FF7 réforme to it is in representative of the whole Compilation of final Fantasy VII, not seulement the original game. It"s the culmination of everything the series has come à mean.

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Is Zack lively in FF7 remake Part 2?

In FF7 Remake"s closing scenes, Zack fair is revealed to have survived his formerly fatal attack. FF7 refaire Ultimania means that this Zack is une from année alternate timeline, using thé alternate representation ns Stamp auto dog as proof. Zack"s déposer in the livre refers to him in both present and past tense, further confusing the situation.