Dans La Tete D Un Pro Patrick Bruel

Music, cinema, theatre: Patrick Bruel plays a part in all, following his desires and managing lot of careers at once. V successful sapin in thé artistic world elle would imagine he doesn’t leave much time à la much else; however, Patrick has actually managed à find thé time à pursue a different passion: poker. His love pour the game à la a longue time fabriquer him the number one ambassador de poker in France.

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Patrick sapin contracted the poker virus in auto 90’s when he fell in love with texan Hold’em and Omaha throughout his life trips to Las Vegas. Ce wasn’t long antérieur à he knew success.In 1998, he achieved the rêver of tous poker players et won a world Series of Poker bracelet in auto $5k border Hold’em event. Over the prochain few years Patrick continued to phat poker and in 2002 came close venir a seconde WSOP location in pot Limit Omaha.

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Patrick play a major role in bringing thé World Poker la tour to french television where the jeu became an immediate success, increasing auto popularity of poker et also make Patrick even more well known in auto poker world. With the help du fellow français poker pro michel Abécassis, in 2006 Patrick launched auto largest auditeur community de poker football player in France, “Wam-Poker”, wherein players in france can share their passion pour the game.It to be from below that Patrick then became one of the founders ns qncjellygamat.net. Team qncjellygamat.net was formed approximately him, assembling some du the best et brightest talenz in français poker.

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Above all else, Patrick remains venir this day a habitent poker player, experimentation his capacity in some ns the biggest jeu in auto world.


live tournament accomplishments

05/2015 World Series du Poker henchmen Event $10,000 - las Vegas 237th ($34,157)
04/2014 EPT côté Event - monte Carlo 3rd (€93,350)
03/2014 World Poker la tour - los Angeles 4th ($332,190)
05/2010 World Poker tour - Paris 12th (€46,955)
08/2007 European Poker tour - Barcelona 8th (€104,500)
04/2004 World Poker la tour - ras Vegas 20th ($43,562)
07/2004 Omaha Cup - ACF, Paris 2nd (€41,200)
04/2004 World Poker tour - ras Vegas 10th ($99,798)
04/2004 No border Hold"em $2,500 - las Vegas 2nd ($95,335)
05/2002 WSOP poêles Limit Omaha $5,000 -Las Vegas 2nd ($100,580)
05/1998 WSOP border Hold"em $5,000 - ras Vegas Winner ($224,000)
05/1998 WSOP poêles Limit Omaha $2,500 - las Vegas 6th ($15,300)
06/1997 Pot limit 7 Stud 2 500FF - ACF, Paris Winner (67,750FF)

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