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Just choose Harry Potter entering auto Wizarding World as a boy, Daniel Radcliffe was not impressed by the world ns celebrity when he first joined thé magical franchise.

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The 32-year-old actor, that famously played auto Chosen One, reflected nous the 20th anniversary ns the life film, Harry Potter et the Sorcerer"s Stone, during année appearance on auto Late démontrer With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday. Radcliffe was actors in the movie at âge nine and said that though cette was surrounding by an award-winning cast of frère actors, hey wasn"t starstruck.

"Now I"m aware de who they room in a more far-reaching way than je was when ns was nine jaune 10," hey said.

Not even thé legendary Maggie Smith, that played professeur McGonagall in the films, impressed him.

"I endroit Maggie forgeron when i was nine à la the tons time. Ns was doing, avant Potter, David Copperfield, a bbc adaptation," he explained, noting that forgeron was auto person venir recommend him à la Potter. "I didn"t sait who she was. My parents to be like, "Oh ma god, you"re working v Maggie Smith, that"s huge.""

But Radcliffe admettre he wasn"t quite ont impressed when cette met her.

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"I met elle completely without any kind of fear jaune embarrassment, oui only a 9-year-old can. Je knew she was a dame, so je was like, "Do you want moi to appel you "Dame"?" to be the tons words out of mien mouth and she was seulement immediately charmed," hey shared. "And elle was like, "Don"t it is in ridiculous, just appel me Maggie.""

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The stage et screen étoiles does admit to eventually obtaining starstruck de one of his Potter co-stars.

"At thé time, ns wasn"t starstruck par any of those people. The life person i remember gift starstruck by was Gary Oldman due to the fact that that to be the âge where ns was aware ns who cette was and his work and also getting an ext serious about acting myself," hey revealed.

Oldman played Potter"s godfather, Sirius Black, in the franchise and was sapin introduced in thé third film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner de Azkaban.

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Radcliffe opened up about his suffer working v Oldman last month when talking to ET.

"I ont really, really angot memories of all my scenes with Gary Oldman and David Thewlis," hey told ET. "They were some du the life scenes nous the third et the fifth film where ns started to feel like i was a young homme who was seul starting to la honte out je vous demande pardon acting was, et they to be pretty cool people to be around."

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