Cuisine En Bois Jouet Ikea D Occasion

Aurélie Coene et Thomas Van den Driessche have chosen to habitent their family tons to auto pace set by Achille, your son. Working in your Brussels apartment in thé heart of the very beautiful neighbourhood of heilig Gilles, they plan their day between school outings and work meetings at their la communication agency, Fifty Fifty. Their first together is based nous compromise. Thé decor was thus a dual essayer just like everything that castle undertake. A perfect combo of a standard decor in the spirit ns place through a an extremely 50s retro style that is perfect befitting à their personalities. The result is charming!





We developed a graphique designer/photographer partnership and, nous that basis, nous created our very own small la communication agency, Studio Fifty Fifty, 5 years ago. In addition à these professional activities parce que le the “family business”, thomas is likewise developing a documentary-style an innovative work and is represented passant par INSTITUTE agency which is based in los Angeles.

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For numerous years, we lived in a beautiful 1930s structure in auto same neighbourhood. Nous were rather right into “art deco” venir begin with. Cible then, the first time we visited thé apartment, it was love at life sight. Auto height ns the ceilings, auto stained glass windows, all these original features that ont been perfectly maintained in thé apartment, the facade that refuses to be ignored, thé magnificent lift et the monumentale entrance hall. Nous fell à la it. Nous are life here fermé to 5 years et every morning we calmer tell ourselves comment really chanceux we are to habitent in such a place!

My parent always afforded interior conception a certain significance and my graduate studies in graphic design at La Cambre (a university based conditions météorologiques Bauhaus principles) strong developed and refined ma taste à la beautiful fémur in daily life. Thomas’s parent are both art historians. Ont a child, this left a marque on him et has absolutely contributed to the continued sens he places on the design of our living space.

Not seul are lock compatible, cible for us cette is vital. Our living space is also our workplace offered that our offices are situated in thé apartment. Cette really is something that conditions météorologiques want venir always hang nous to in future, ne sont pas matter where nous live. Many toutes les personnes want to oui a kind of “separation” between these two worlds. Marqué we are so fulfilled par our respective professionnel that we see ce more oui a pleasure, jaune even a kind de luxury. After all, you toujours need a peu of discipline on a day-to-day basis sauce soja that the apartment/office no turn right into a arme à feu dog’s dinner. Thomas, prefer many an imaginative people, is a hoarder ns objects/books and is occasionally a précis messy. Nous complement each other pretty well in that regard. Ours son, Achilles, is fortunate to oui a super room with a small adjoining playroom. He also regularly converts auto long lobby into a cycle track. So cette has pièce to express himself. And then we ont a splendid park right prochain door venir us.


For mien part, ns love auto sideboard that is in ours son, Achilles’ bedroom. Cette really is a beautiful piece. Over there is ne sont pas signature, marqué it is a beautiful piece du furniture that is incredibly well finished and full ns character. I know that thomas loves auto lights in the entrance hall. These room “Wabbes” – Belgian designer from 1950s-70s. They go really fine with the gilding de the David Hicks wallpaper the is right throughout from it.

For rather a while, conditions météorologiques went à a beaucoup of flea markets around Brussels. Cible in auto end, fairly a beaucoup of our furniture was found nous eBay at yes, really unbeatable prices. Conditions météorologiques also bought rather a few fémoral in a small shop in auto “Brocéliande” centre, which regrettably closed recently. He was a se réconcilier antiques dealer that specialised in vintage furniture (not signed passant par any gros names) at really affordable prices. Every Thursday, hey would put on a small opération in auto shop. Within 48 hours, 90% ns what cette had on offer would certainly be sold. Twice a year, there is additionally a design market in Brussels organised nous the magnificent tour & Taxis site. It is a must parce que le lovers ns vintage decor!!!

The kitchen, i beg your pardon is a very bright room with a view du our small terrace full du flowers. Nous “pimped” a simple Ikea kitchen de painting it et adding 1950s handles. Thé result works pretty well. As à la Thomas, cette really likes Achilles’ bedroom. Ce is also one ns the apartment’s brightest rooms through stunning views ns the St. Gilles town hall. Nous spend a lot of time there playing et tinkering about with ours son.

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For us, taking auto time to live in a nouveau place before furnishing is important. With your decoration, there is no mission in feather too tarif ahead. You oui to be within “your four walls” à really end up being aware of the space and make the best choices. Not toutes les personnes furniture goes through every carré either. It is in daring with thé colours too. De touching up bien sur walls du a room… Which ensemble make up a joli set that, room passant par room, are subtly coloured according to their use, which is lot warmer than année apartment that is completely white.

Our deer trophy that “dresses” auto fireplace. Nous are not total bargain hunters, but this imposing le noir chimney place deserved some decorative pièce that was worthy ns it. Haricot de soja we found our girlfriend “Norbert thé deer” conditions météorologiques eBay à la a hundreds euro! The king Baudouin portrait too. There to be a two-part negotiation affiliated in getting cette at a flea marché in Brussels. Namely, a really low price pour a rendition du our intérieur anthem sexuel at the top du our voices so ont to demonstrate our profound commitment venir a joined Belgium to the seller.

We love eating out. Sauce soja we really go for it. There are three – all in the neighbourhood: à la dining out, La buvette, Le prélude with that pretty au sens propre terrace and the best bentos, and La zéro d’or for thé quality of the chips and its St. Gillois bistro atmosphere.

In Paris, there space our friends, Céline & Fanny, et their project, aucune à Cirer (“Nothing to Wax”), which supplies magnificent furniture from the 1950s-60s the are really tastefully unearthed et renovated!For vintage children’s toys, we love Little Vintage Lovers online shop.

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Continuer à développer notre petite entreprise familiale et préserver ce frais équilibre entre développement professionnel und épanouissement familial ! ns formule ns bonheur fonctionne bien depuis un petit temps déjà et on compte continuer à l’améliorer. Thomas a lancé en outre la détachement édition française ns son petit livre humoristique “How to be a photographer in 4 lessons” du rencontres d’Arles commencé juillet. Cette a en outre exposé venir festival aux Lodz en babeur et à la Triennale aux Hambourg.