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The department is the seconde level of administration divisions conditions météorologiques the map du France.The department ns Côtes-d"Armor is located in auto region of region de Bretagne.The department of Côtes-d"Armor has actually the alors 22 and is divided into 4 districts , 52 townships and 373 municipalities. Below amie will find auto localization of Côtes-d"Armor conditions météorologiques the map de France, and the satellite map du Côtes-d"Armor.

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Inhabitants du Côtes-d"Armor to be 542 373 in thé 1999 census et 570 861 in auto 2006 census. Area ns departement du Côtes-d"Armor is 6 877,55 kilomètre ². Population density de Côtes-d"Armor is 83,00 inhabitants revenir km².Biggest cities of department de Côtes-d"Armor, in number of inhabitants, are (2007 census):Saint-Brieuc, Lannion, Plérin, Lamballe, Dinan, Ploufragan, Loudéac, Paimpol, Guingamp, Trégueux, Perros-Guirec, Langueux, Plédran, Pordic, Ploumagoar, Yffiniac, Bégard, Plouha.You will certainly find auto towns list ns Côtes-d"Armor in thé bottom nous this page. You can consult thé map ns France, pictures, hotels, and all data ns every town and village in the department of Côtes-d"Armor clicking on these towns links.

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Name du biggest citiesof Côtes-d"Armor
Census(2007)Area(km ²)Density(inh/km²)Altitude(m)
Saint-Brieuc46 17821.882 110.51100 m
Lannion19 77343.91450.3110 m
Plérin13 51227.72487.45113 m
Lamballe11 26176.29147.6155 m
Dinan11 0874.112 697.5769 m
Ploufragan10 83227.06400.30140 m
Loudéac9 61980.24119.88155 m
Paimpol7 75623.61328.5030 m
Guingamp7 6613.412 246.63100 m
Trégueux7 39614.57507.62112 m
Perros-Guirec7 33314.16517.8750 m
Langueux6 9079.10759.01100 m
Plédran5 72734.71165.00150 m
Pordic5 67428.94196.06100 m
Ploumagoar4 87032.07151.86110 m
Yffiniac4 58417.44262.8410 m
Bégard4 56236.41125.30120 m
Plouha4 53539.97113.46100 m

Population 1999542 373 inhabitantsPopulation 2006AreaPopulation densityVariation of density

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570 861 inhabitants
6 877.55 kilomètre ²
83.00 inhabs/km²Population density of the department de Côtes-d"Armor is 83.00 inhabs/km². The french average populations density is 113 inhabs/km² (in 2006).">
+0.73 %/yearPopulation sport density pour the department de of Côtes-d"Armor is 0.73%/year. The french average population variation density is +0.7%/year (in 2006).">
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