Cotes D Armor Carte Touristique

Citotel Hotel ns l’Europe is located on the Granite rose Coast, close to Saint-Guirec Beach. Its 2-star rooms space en suite with TV. Part rooms oui a view de the sea. Cost-free WiFi is noted throughout. Citotel Hotel…

The Pink Granite Coast, in thé department of Côtes-d"Armor, between Trébeurden et Perros-Guirec, is named after auto gigantic blocks ns granite that emerge from auto moor par the coast.

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This is thé kingdom of précis coves full du white sand and turquoise water, wild landscapes and the custom-mades officers" path. This is meilleur travelled on foot to better enjoy the charms of an unusual and unspoilt herbal environment.

Three shores in thé world oui this particularity du pink granite, which originates from a mixture of three minerals, mica, feldspath et quartz: une is situated in China, the différent in Corsica and the last one in Brittany. This organic geological curiosity is worth more than une visit, à la the beauty du the herbal sites and the plant life, et to make thé most ns Brittany"s wild and mysterious charms.

From east à west, thé trail starts at auto Ploumanac"h rocks in Perros-Guirec, an old fishing harbour that is now a seaside resort, through its two marinas and three super beaches. Likewise worth a look at in Perros-Guirec are thé Chapel du Our Lady ns Clarity, a noted Historic Monument, et the musée of History and Traditions du Lower Brittany.

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The charming ville of Ploumanac"h was voted "France"s favourite village" in 2015. A well-known hiking course named the GR 34 stretches the end from here, sauce soja you can découvrir the whole Coast. Uncover spectacular rocks de the sea et flowery moors inland. From auto lighthouse, année emblematic building of Ploumanac"h, you can watch Costaérès Castle et the seven Islands Archipelago (Rouzic, Malban, das Costans, Bono, Moines Island, plate Island and Les Cerfs). This la nature reserve is patrie to metropolitan France"s greatest seabird colony. Gulls, cormorants, penguins et peregrine falcons toutes les personnes gather there, et there is also a colony of grey seals! seul Moines island is accessible de boat. Feel totally free to arrêter there, or explorer the archipelago passant par boat to admire the tens de thousands ns birds who ont made it their home!

Another sight to see in Ploumanac"h is auto Oratory de St. Guirec, a memorial that seems venir float conditions météorologiques the sea at high tide…

The chemin continues to Trégastel and its boating harbours, where elle can visit a près de la mer aquarium. Native there, close to Trébeurden, de nouveau nice outing in the les Quellen marsh gives a chanceux to watch fauna and flora, et sometimes Camargue horses.

From Bihit headland, tu will have stunning views of the Bay du Lannion and Losquet Island.

The small et charming town ns Lannion is precious a look. Take a walk roughly its cobbled streets à discover the mansions and half-timbered houses.

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Between land et sea, this superb wild coast offers many sports activities in thé tourist season: catamaran, windsurfing, sea kayak jaune ?? can toutes les personnes be practised at the locale water sports clubs. Et swimming of course, at the super beaches or in the clear water ns the small, sheltered coves.