Conseil National De La Sécurité Routière

Drivers ns a occupational vehicle right now avoid losing copyright © points - cible road security authorities want this to change

ROAD safety and security authorities in france are do the efforts to fermé a legit loophole that allows company car drivers venir avoid losing copyright points when they commit a control offence.

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The commet National de la sécurité Routière will meet today et is expected to vote in favour of changing thé law.

However it visages a difficult pass through parliament oui the change would effectively require société bosses to "denounce" the staff member ns who was behind the wheel at the time.

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Under the current system, any fines incurred while driving a work car are ressentir to thé vehicle owner identified on the carte grise - thé company. Si the offence comes v a lose of droits dauteur points this is seldom applied.

Company bosses space at present under non obligation to reveal that was responsible - a "benefit" parce que le the employee which auto CNSR now wants à stop.

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