Concert paris 2015 stade de france

The group at thé Bataclan minutes before the attack by terrorists conditions météorologiques Friday night. Photograph:
The crowd at the Bataclan minutes avant the attack par terrorists nous Friday night. Photograph:
Concertgoers recall auto bloody barnage of last Friday night in thé most detailed account yet de the attack in parisien that left 89 dead

Friday 9:35pm

As jérôme Boucer watched auto Californian absent band the Eagles du Death steel thrash their guitars at the sellout parisien gig, he et his group of girlfriend who had come from Brittany were enjoying je vous demande pardon had started as “a good show”.

The young crowd who had been dance in thé pit in front du the stage pour half an hour amid 1,500 est différent concertgoers had non way of knowing about thé disturbing events that had seul started venir unfold throughout the french capital. Two explosion had seulement gone éteindre outside auto Stade du France merveille stadium north du Paris, detonated de suicide bombers. Closer by, gunmen had actually driven up to restaurant terraces and begun venir open feu with Kalashnikovs. Un autre man in a suicide vest had actually walked into a bar on rue principale Voltaire in thé east de the city, then blown himself up, injuring a waitress.

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Footage shows instants shooting beginning in Bataclan théâtre Guardian
Inside the Bataclan, where Boucer stand tapping his feet put on a blanche shirt that would later on be splattered v blood, ne sont pas one imagine they were about to be targeted in the most deadly du that night’s combination terrorist attacks. It would turn right into a two-and-a-half-hour abattage that would certainly leave 89 dead et dozens an ext injured avant the gunmen go out up us up par activating their suicidaire belts after a police assault.

About 9:40pm

A rented, black Volkswagen Polo with Belgian droits dauteur plates had been waiting pour some time 300 metres away from thé Bataclan through at least three homme inside. Une witness at a nearby restaurants said the car had pulled up at 7:45pm marqué the driver had challenge parking. “He parked badly, he had venir try again about six or seven times,” thé witness told europe 1, describing how he’d gained up et gone end to parlez them they weren’t parked correctly in their tiny spot. He was met with an icy stare et they no open thé window. “They were wearing jackets, they to be obese. They to be having difficulty turning thé wheel,” he said. “They had a mourir look venir them, ont if they were drugged. They to be like the living dead.”

In the car was Samy Amimour, 28, a former bus driver indigenous Drancy, exterior Paris, and Omar Ismaïl Mostefai, 29, who had grown up in Courcouronnes south du the capital et had a record for petty crime avant moving to auto cathedral ville of Chartres. Amimour had gone venir Syria in 2014 wherein his father followed him to try à convince him à come back cible failed, publicly telling his story to le Monde as a heartbroken parent who couldn’t garder his le sien back from jihad. Despite an international arrest warrant being out for Amimour cette had thrived in returning to la france below the radar. Mostefai was conditions météorologiques a police la gestion for radicalisation and had reportedly been in Syria. V them was at least one other gunman who has not however been identified.

The witness experienced the car there for over année hour before he left the restaurant at about 9:30pm. At one alloue a police patrol là drove past marqué didn’t notification anything suspicious. When cette heard the news of auto Stade aux France suicidaire bombing, the witness immediately tried to call the officier de police “about 80 times” marqué he was told passant par the operator castle would call him earlier in an hour. He said they never did.


From the car, one de the three men, dressed in black but through their affronter uncovered, sent a text un message to an unknown contact saying: “We’ve left, we’re starting”. The téléphone was later found in a bin exterior the apparence solo venue with a floorplan de the Bataclan apparence solo hall in that memory. Thé phone data later commander police to a cheap hôtel room in a grey, nondescript hotel bloquer in Alfortville, south ns Paris, wherein the masculin had booked a room for that week. In thé room, there was apparently a clôture box, chocolate madeleine cakes, syringes and medical tools including tubing. The policier would inspection whether thé medical provides were used parce que le bombmaking or drug-taking, reported thé newsweekly Le alloue .


As auto band was playing the song Kiss thé Devil with a guitar bataille under way, auto three gunmen obtained out of their car carrying Kalashnikovs and walked to auto door, shoot at a doorman et people fumée outside the venue, avant bursting into the boulot hall and opening sur le feu on auto crowd. Lock stood still, paused and shot into the audience in a continual volley, thé state prosecutor said.


According à witnesses, the life to it is in hit were the people near the payot at thé back de the venue. Pour a few seconds nobody knew what was walking on. Jame Boucer, that was engrossed in the gig nearer auto stage, assumed the “pop, pop, pop” sound to be part du the seul – a firecracker perhaps. Divers concertgoers wondered si it was distinct effects, a speaker blowing, or even noise from a birthday party in auto bar suivant door. Seconds later, when thé band instantly quit playing et ran off stage, the audience knew ce was an attack.

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From 9:50pm

For a few protocole the concert hall was plunged into darkness, with seul the feu from auto machine weapons flashing oui the gunmen maintained shooting. Quickly the lights go on et different witnesses described auto clear ripple effect of the crowd – “like a gust du wind with wheat” – as people to be mown down de gunfire and rows ns people to reduce to the ground.

Witnesses described how their visages were splattered in blood oui people next to them were shot in auto head et fell. The shooting continued pour 10 minutes before the homme reloaded et began shoot again, aiming at auto head and thorax through professionalism. “It was carnage,” said marque Coupris, 57, a legitimate worker. “It looked choose a battlefield. Over there was blood everywhere, there were bodies everywhere.”

Many dropped to thé ground et lay there among the du sang still running hot from victims. “I fabriqué eye la communication with a man. Cette was no longer blinking et he fell,” Louise, 27, told Libération. “In a domino effect, everyone obtained down, one conditions météorologiques top du the other.” A 29-year-old woman explained blood and flesh that had actually been blown on to others. “I had ce in mien mouth, mien eyes. But I didn’t move.”

The firing was relentless and indiscriminate, witnesses said. A army doctor that treated the wounded would later on describe it to les Monde as like gift in a war cential “without a bullet-proof vest”. Thé gunmen fired increase into thé balconies and dead bodies fell over and down conditions météorologiques to the stalls below. Une woman that screamed that elle boyfriend to be dead to be instantly shot.

“They were seulement stood firing at arbitrarily into auto crowd. Ce was terrifying. Over there was tant beaucoup, tellement of screaming, lots of panic, lots of blood. Toutes les personnes threw us to auto ground marqué then they then just started firing at arbitrarily at auto people nous the ground. The was when ns thought we had to comprendre out,” said forrerric Nowak, who had driven to thé gig from outside parisien with his brother-in-law and son.

From 10pm

The gunmen shouted that they to be there because du Syria and Iraq et particularly françois Hollande’s airstrikes conditions météorologiques Syria. They stated they would certainly “make tu understand” what women and children were experiencing in those aéronautique raids.

While the gunmen recharged their Kalashnikovs, those who assumed they stand a joie of making ce out ran towards an exit or escape route. Auto band was amongst those who had actually fled swiftly out de a page exit behind the stage as soon as the shooting started. De nouveau group de people, believed venir be with thé band’s bassist, ran towards a side-door that needed a keypad codé to open. One de the venue’s bouncers, many ns whom were trying à open exits, opened up it et the group stayed covert inside a small pièce for an hour et a half. Auto band’s merchandising manager, that was not v them, to be killed.

Simon, 32, a vidéaste told L’Express how, terrified and in shock, hey had run down auto street, hailed a taxi, gained in, thrown notes at thé driver and shouted at him venir drive oui there to be a arme à feu attack. “He thought i was mad,” cette said.

Frédéric Nowak, v his stomach caked in du sang from surface wounds, was one de at least 70 toutes les personnes who edged their method behind speakers et around thé stage before running up a flight of stairs et forcing a trapdoor on to thé roof. They were taken in de people native neighbouring structures who traction them venir their flats. Cette was separated indigenous his 21-year-old son, that was directif to de nouveau flat.


Video take of french firefighters climbing ladders to rescue hostages at auto Bataclan boulot hall. Photograph: Reuters TvSome personnes barricaded themselves into dressing rooms, whereby they packed in tightly, advertise a fridge, année armchair et a table increase against thé door. Others tried venir run to dressing rooms marqué found themselves in thé toilets – a dead-end – haricot de soja smashed open auto false ceiling, climbed in et hid above thé ceiling amid metal rafters, waiting pour 45 minutes, hear shots and unsure whether thé gunmen would come for them. Une described it oui like hiding in a “rat hole”.

In thé surrounding streets, thé injured and other survivors started fleeing, blood-soaked, dragging themselves jaune the wounded, part finding shelters in bars. Plenty of said they had venir walk over dead bodies or trample on each est différent in thé scramble to get out. Rather ran ashen-faced as fast ont they can from nearby bars. A musician in one cafe said amie could listen “screaming, screaming, screaming. Je heard personnes moaning, howling.”


A french policeman assists a blood-covered victim near auto Bataclan. Photograph: Philippe Wojazer/ReutersTwo of the gunmen go upstairs to auto balcony while one stayed downstairs firing at personnes who attempted to leave.

As plenty of tried venir flee from une side-exit to année alleyway, captured conditions météorologiques film de a ns Monde journalist that lived nearby, they were being shooting at native behind at close range as they ran. Numerous witnesses explained bodies falling next to them as they ran in the direction of that exit. On the film, a pregnant mrs dangles from a window ledge by her fingertips, pleading “I’m pregnant, i’m slipping,” avant she is rescued passant par a man. The man, Sebastien, from thé south de France, had actually stopped à pull elle back in the window while hey was looking for an escape route. Shortly afterwards cette would it is in one du the concertgoers bring away hostage passant par the deux gunmen upstairs.

From 10:10pm

Those who couldn’t flee felt castle had non choice but to lie still and play dead among thé bodies. But many witnesses described how the gunmen changed pace, et began looking à la survivors à pick out et shoot while lock lay nous the floor. Some stated they walked about kicking people nous the ground venir see si they moved, et then shooting them.


Police police officers at auto Bataclan. Photograph: Yoan Valat/EPAWriter Nicolas Stanzick, who was there v his wife et lay totally toujours for année hour-and-a-half under a barrier near thé lighting box, told Paris rencontre how hey was surrounded par the dead et injured but couldn’t aller to your aid. Cette described thé room oui “an immense lobby of agony”, with people moaning everywhere. “Terror dehumanised us, it was horrible.” cette was scared he would vomit from tous the du sang flowing from wounds and the gunmen would notification him et shoot.


Within 10 minutes of the sapin shooting, armed officier de police had begun à mass outside et lock down the area. The life officer entered thé building and came across une attacker downstairs, reportedly on the phase pointing his gun. The police officer shoot at him, the gunman’s suicidaire belt detonated et he to be killed. Thé officer had to edge back out waiting à la back-up.

After 10:15pm

From this point, auto two gunmen maximum ground took about 20 hostages. Une unnamed hostage told france 2 tv that they fabriquer them pavillons at different points and look down right into the boulot hall et tell them what they saw. One hostage who was asked what cette could see claimed there were toutes les personnes moaning et begging parce que le help. “That more or less fabriquer them laugh,” auto witness said. Part hostages were made to pavillon at the window et alert them si they saw police or a sniper, endangered with gift “shot in auto head or thrown out auto window” if they no comply.


Journalists take it cover near auto Bataclan apparence solo hall. Photograph: Dominique Faget/AFP/Getty ImagesIn order to prove that hey was “with” the gunmen, Sebastien to be handed a wad of cash et told venir burn ce “to see si money was considérable in my eyes”. Cette did. Another hostage said they felt si they said une wrong indigenous they would be killed.

From 11:30pm

Elite policier squads entered the building to secure and evacuate survivors native downstairs.

“We found a hell nous earth,” a homme called Jeremy, the commando captain, that spoke to NBC. “Nobody was screaming. Sapin thing nous saw was the mec shooting.”

A unir moved upstairs à where auto gunmen were holed up in a pièce at thé end of a corridor that was une metre wide. Behind auto door, they placed 20 hostages in front of them oui a person shield.

“(There were) perhaps 20 hostages. Nous cannot shoot at that time ce was as well risky à la the hostages,” Jeremy added.

The gunmen shouted the end to officier de police the num of a hostage’s phone, which policier initially struggled à take down. Over the prochain 50 minute there were four téléphone exchanges through a policier negotiator. Auto gunmen asked à la the policier to leave et continued to talk around Syria. Cette became clear negotiation was not possible.

“They want seul to prepare themselves for the final assault. They nothing want venir negotiate anything,” said Jeremy

Rescuers evacuate toutes les personnes following auto attack. Photograph: Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP/Getty Images


The order to be given à la a policier assault. Cette lasted 3 minutes. Police, behind shields, explode open thé door et the gunmen opened sur le feu at them, threw in grenades and while the pistolet exchange continued, managed à pull the hostages one-by-one behind their shields.

“It was a dead end pour them,” claimed Jeremy. “The tons one go out himself with thé explosive jacket. Auto second one tried to faire the same marqué he gained shot par the two officers. Over there was blood everywhere.”

From 00:30am

The policier squads then come in venir look à la survivors. “It to be a effrayant vision, a carpet of human bodies,” one officer told la france Bleu radio. “There was a deafening silence, you seul heard thé sound of téléphone portable phones.” the officer experienced a survivor at auto back ns the hall et asked him venir raise his hands. “And then, from this carpet de bodies, tous the survivors raised their hands and we realised over there were toujours many.”

A mrs being evacuated from thé Bataclan theater. Photograph: Thibault Camus/APSlowly, personnes were rescued indigenous hiding emplacement across thé building. Hospitals throughout the ville were mobilised venir deal v what one medic called “war wounds from war weapons”.

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Slowly over the coming day auto 89 dead began à be figured out — students, teachers, a tax inspector, a geographer, record-label staff, an NGO volunteer, a journalist, a lawyer, mothers, fathers, wives and husbands. Largely young people – the Bataclan generation.

Members de the French fire brigade help année injured individual near auto Bataclan boulot hall following thé fatal shootings. Photograph: chrétien Hartmann/ReutersIt was no until later on in the weekend the notes and flowers began à be moche nearby à la the dead. One remarque read: “Wherever you are ns hope the musique is good.”