Concert 24H Du Mans Moto 2019

Suivez-nous, écrivez-nous, partagez-nous...Si amie partagez prendre plaisir nous l"amour aux monde ns la moto et des voyages alors vous aimerez vous laisser transporter dedans nos escapades motocyclettes et notre coups du coeur.....Vous y retrouverez toutes les personnes nos idées et propositions de road trip jusqu’à moto mais même des conseils pour préparer vos futur voyages moto.

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I’ve been travelling on motorcycles ever since i got my licence 15 years ago at the âge of 17. Ns started by riding tous over auto UK, but pretty quickly that felt as well small and so je headed to France…

On ma first big trip, ns landed in Calais, rode la fin the ferry, got mourir within 5 minutes and pulled over right into a quiet nation layby. I had ne sont pas idea where je was going, where ns would remain that night jaune which road to take (I forgot à buy a map). There was a Frenchman in his là not tarif from me.

I go over et asked if cette could point me in thé right direction. This étranger was the very sapin person i spoke to while motorcycling abroad…

He pulled out his phone et called his daughter. Told je that he had a entreprises meeting to marche to, marqué that his daughter would certainly be below in 5 minutes and that je should monitor her car back à their house where ns could stay auto night.



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Tuesday, January 15 2019

A ride in D-Day Normandy

Ride in Tours

To reach Normandy indigenous the moiré valley nous a motorcycle, je would ont thought a Harley would ont been much more logical. No Necessarily thé U.S. Military old maquette , the WL750 called "Liberator" is a peu too rustic, but bike like thé Fat boy would have been ok à la me. Je even thought for a second to take my Harley 1200 XL fourty Eight. Never mind, i’ll rather go with mien old faithful BMW r 1200 GS, auto bike ns know best although it’s a german bike...


Everything is alright et to reach the coast par Le Mans et Lisieux is a formality. Every little thing is good, right, other than this fall’s sky in which are jostling really threatening clouds. They space coming closer venir me, not at auto rhythm du the drum, but at auto one du a thunder. And the usual scenario is repeating infinite : une drop, then une second et before I oui the chanceux to count thé third une , it’s a real flooding that drops nous me. Should ns recognize a symbol of the landing ?. In mien opinion, I matin luckiest than those soldiers, that came here to be killed. Oui a replacement ns heavy artillery, je will only get water nous me. Fortunately, this rain will be ont short oui suddenly. Cible that to be enough to wet je to thé bones. Nonetheless in a tenth du a second, i measure toutes les personnes the happiness ns being able to marche to this vert Normandy"s landscape on autumn 2018, marqué not on june 1944.

After numerous coffee breaks, et nearly 300 km telling myself how much i love this old motorcycle despite thé fact that i have toutes les personnes the nouveau models ns BMW in mien garage. I finally landed on St Laurent d’environ Mer, where auto Landing take it place.

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Here is finally thé famous Omaha Beach. The beach is empty et is sauce soja long, soja impressive, and so calm. It"s tough to créé that 75 year ago, one de the most most dangerous episodes de the Battle of Normandy took place here. Ce is not possible not à think about thé movie scenes de the "Longest Day" jaune "Saving exclusive Ryan". We suddenly realize even through those movies, the hell lived de those jeune soldiers. Auto night is falling nous the english Channel, et we’re about to reach ours hotel, temps to aller back to thé bike... Now, i can say the I un m one du those who’ve viewed Americans people nous Omaha Beach.