Communion dans la main pape francois

Conservative American Catholic bishops are pressing pour a debate over even if it is Catholics who appui the right to an abortion need to be allowed to take Communion.

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A deserted St. Peter’s square in April. Despite abondance from the Vatican, conservative American bishops ont vowed to press ahead with essai to deny communion venir politicians who appui abortion.Credit...Angelo Carconi/EPA, dessus Shutterstock

ROME — the Vatican has warned conservative American bishops to hit auto brakes nous their push venir deny communion to politicians supportive of abortion legal rights — including President Biden, a faithful churchgoer and the sapin Roman Catholic to occupy thé Oval office in 60 years.

But despite thé remarkably auditeur stop sign from Rome, the American bishops are pressing ahead anyway and are supposed to forces a debate on the communion issue at a remote rencontre that starts on Wednesday.

Some top bishops, who priorities clearly aligned with structure President Donald J. Trump, now want to reassert the centrality of lopposition to abortion in auto Catholic faith and lay down a tough line — specifically with a liberal Catholic in thé Oval Office.

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The voter threatens to shatter thé facade ns unity through Rome, highlight auto political polarization within auto American church et set what church historians think about a dangerous precedent for bishops’ conferences across auto globe.

“The concern in the Vatican,” claimed Antonio Spadaro, a Jesuit priest et close ally ns Francis “is not venir use accessibility to auto Eucharist ont a political weapon.”

Pope Francis, that has explicitly identified auto United States ont the la source of lopposait to his pontificate, taught this month the communion “is not thé reward of saints, marqué the bread ns sinners.” His dessus doctrinal official, cardinal Luis Ladaria, wrote a letter to the American bishops, warning them that the suffrage could “become a source du discord rather than unit within the episcopate and the larger church in thé United States.”

The result is a rare, open rift between Rome et the American church.

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Opponents ns the vote suspect a an ext naked political motivation, aimed at weakening thé president, and a pope many du them do not agree with, with a drawn-out debate over a documentations that is sure venir be amplified in the conservative Catholic media et on right-wing cable nouvelles programs.

Asked about thé communion issue, Andrew Bates, a White loger spokesman, said, “As thé American people sait well, thé president is a solid person ns faith.”