Commission nationale de l informatique et des libertés

The CNIL, frais Nationale linformatique & Libertés, is the français Data abrite Agency. Created in 1978, auto CNIL is an independent administrative body the operates in accordance with auto data cacher legislation de the 6th January 1978 ont amended conditions météorologiques the 6th August 2004. The independence de the CNIL is guaranteed nous account de its composition et organisation. Auto CNIL is responsible for ensuring that informations technology stays at thé service of citizens.

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AT linternet has a long-standing, fermer la porte relationship with thé CNIL. Auto CNIL recognises AT Internet’s Analytics Suite ont one of just two approved numérique analytics solutions that conform à its cookie recommendations.

In today’s progressively globalised et digitalised world, where a small num of domineering football player have tous the control, the need à la companies to nourrir trust in their data processing tasks has never been stronger. How companies have the right to leverage GDPR-compliant, quality data as année opportunity to create a virtuous périodes based nous trust – et drive entreprise value.

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