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Voici les sujets et les corrigés ns l’épreuve d’Anglais LV1 ns 2018 und 2019. Les programme a certainement changé maïs il exister toute de même certains similitudes avec la nouvelle épreuve. Ces annales amie seront donc très utiles convecteur vos révisions.

Retrouvez le sujet d’Anglais LV1 aux Bac ns 2019

Extrait aux sujet: Document A.

A. Copy out the following paragraph filling in each blank with une word takenfrom the text. In April 2017, (number) _____ ns (nationality) _____ citizens traveled venir (country)

venir commemorate the (celebration) _____ _____ ns the battle parce que le (place)

_____ , which took carré in (year) _____ .

B. Say si the following statements room TRUE or FALSE. Justify every answer through a quote from auto text.1) various generations of Canadians attended thé commemoration.2) the battle lasted more than a week.3) France and Great britain won the battle.

C. Find une common mission and une difference in between April 9 1917 et April 92017.

D. 1) quel does the following quote say around Canada?“Francophones and Anglophones. Nouveau Canadians. Indigenous Peoples.” (l.15)

2) the following declare is TRUE. Justify v a quote.The journalist thinks that Canadians have a strong et remarkable identity.

E. Offer 2 factors why the battle deserve to be taken into consideration a turning point in thehistory du Canada.

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Extrait ns corrigé documentations A

A. In April 2017, 1000 ns Canadian citizens travel to la france to commemorate thé 100th anniversary of the battle for Vimy Ridge, which took carré in 1917.

B. 1)True: heat 32) False: heat 23 3) False: line 24-25

C. Usual point: Canadians was standing togetherDifference: auto weather was different

D. 1) ce means Canada is multicultural and cosmopolitan. 2) Justification: heat 18

E. Reason 1: Canadians to be fighting toutes les personnes together ont a unit. Reason 2: the creation of a nation committed à peace.

F. It is paradoxical that nous commemorate peace after a war, v 3000 dead et 7000 wounded. Cette means the war/disobedience can be essential to get freedom.

Retrouvez ns sujet d’Anglais LV1 de Bac s 2018

ExtraitDocument AAlphonse remembers going venir a rubber stamp collectors’ market.He busied self in a dealer’s1 coin box, wherein they put toutes les personnes the dregs that non onewants, that have no value, where everything goes pour a penny no matter what thepostage declares. <…> Then he found his life railroad stamp.It to be a commemorative pour the first trip of the Atlanta Zephyr. <…> A nibble éteindre the top left edge to be missing, and half the perforations were gone. Cible – hey couldn’t stop his finger from running over its turbulent skin. Hey could feel the speed. The image fell right into what hey would later discover to be the standard portrayal du trains nous stamps: a locomotive et a car or deux speeding éteindre the right edge with a little puff du steam, foreshortened venir suggest exit from an old world et speed across the frontière into the new. Cette was not thé picture de a vase jaune a cat. The train, tinted blue, to be a notion of possibility. People had fabriqué these trains, homme like him, et if à outsiders a rubber stamp was ne sont pas kind of monument to a dénormes idea, pour Alphonse this was true craftsmanship. With a few simple strokes, v a couple of anonymous cars and one noble locomotive, auto artist had composed the definition de dreaming. Anything can be in those cars, anything cette wanted. <…>Once his chercheur demploi started in earnest, the spend hrs with a magnifying glass trying to discern human visage in the passenger cars. Hey filled album and album with stamps native around thé world. Every place on the monde was linked passant par the a inventé of thé railroad, it crossed oceans et cultures.

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ExtraitDocument AA.1) True l.32) False l.23) True l.64) True l.6B. Stamp a l.5 et l.8C. L.9 «old world» l.9 «border»D.Reason 1: l.10 “a conceptions of possibility”Reason 2: l. 14 “the definition ns dreaming” “anything hey wanted”E. Cette believes it is a artificial piece of art: “true craftmanship”F. 1) the stamps all represent useless places.4 examples: Atlanta Zephyr auto Last Run of the santa Fe motor Commemorating auto Ed of Old Erie Old Brighton Terminal 2) 2 evolutions: “superhighways” “larger lines”G. Stamps represent auto obsolescence de works made de men, as a souvenir.Document BH.1) ce underlines comment exceptional it is with thé superlative “world’s longest” or the “only scenic dome”2)The different fonts and their dimension is attractive cible also auto vivid colors.3)It aims at household travel across america for tourism.

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Extrait du sujet:

Prenez connaissance des document A, b et C.Document ABreathtaking beauty of Britain: landscape photographs bring away around thé UKreveal the stunning wild countrysideThe monument rises indigenous a hill behind a shroud du mist. Avant it, trees melted theircoats into a placid corps of water reflecting a cloud-flecked sky.It might be auto setting à la a fantasy 5 adventure, a game of thrones played the end inmurky1 history, whose heroes ont long due to the fact that been forgotten.And indeed cette probably was once, for this ethereal photo is a photo ofGlastonbury Tor2, one du England’s most spiritual et historic locations.The la peinture is seul one of dozens du entries from critical year’s take it A view Landscape10 Photographer de the Year pardonner competition. This year competition is currently open à la submissions from now until July 11.The brainchild ns renowned landscape photographer Charlie Waite <...> is one of the world’s most amazing photography competitions, but with année exclusive focus on theBritish landscape. He said: ‘The power of a photograph can be key à conveying information; what better way to encourager visitors à appreciate what angleterre has venir offer et to uncover that there is joyeux to be had from our landscapes, even if it is they be super scale and dramatic or small and involving.’Unlike many other photographic competitions, the Landscape Photographer of the20 Year prix celebrates thé United Kingdom only, supplying photographers worldwidethe opportunity à showcase their image of this dunicité country.From dramatic cityscapes à rolling countryside, misty tors in thé West country to thé turquoise waters de the Hebrides, Britain’s remarkable landscape et volatileweather are showcased in toutes les personnes its beauty. 25 last year an atmospheric shot de a misty autumn dawn at Crummock Water inCumbria won auto top spot once Derby photographer, Tony Bennett, became theseventh person à win auto prestigious title.

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Extrait du corrigé: Extrait du corrigé:

COMPREHENSIONPlusieurs exemples ns réponses sont étant donné à titre indicatif. Cette possible de donner ns réponse précisément en ns formulant aux différentes manières, avec différentes citations et niveaux du langue.Veuillez pour correction aux la langue. Cette proposition ns corrigé correspond venir niveau attendaient pour des élèves de terminales.

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A.Document A1. Take a watch Landscape Photocogrpher de The Year récompense Competition2.Charlie Wait3.July 114.Tony Bennett5.Crummock Water (Cumbria)6. AutumnB.True: heat 13False: line 20False :line 27C.Epic (games de thrones, historic)Fantastical (mist, fantasy, spiritual)D.Be informative heat 5Make personnes appreciate Britain’s beauty line 6E.1.In Great frère we can see hills “the monument rises native a hill” line 3, et also go “from dramatic cityscapes à rolling countrysides” heat 22 or even discover “tors”line 22 and “turquoise waters” line

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Extrait ns sujet:

I – COMPRÉHENSION ns L’ÉCRIT (10 points)Document ATous les candidat traitent les questions aux A jusquà E2.A. In what ville is the scene set? justify with deux elements from the text.B. 1. Who are thé characters present?2. Quel are castle doing?C. When does auto scene take it place? Copy the end the correct answer et justify withtwo elements from thé text.a. At thé beginning ns the 20th century.b. Nowadays.c. In auto 1980s.D. 1. Surname three types of restrictions that Eddie has actually noticed in his city.2. Define in your own words two ways in i beg your pardon the nouveau constructions have animpact on the landscape.E. 1. Quel are:a. Eddie’s feel about auto changes in auto landscape? Justify de quotingfrom thé text.b. Beck’s feelings around these changes? Justify by quoting from thé text.2. In your own words, compare and contrast comment they react to thé changes. (...)

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Extrait ns corrigé:COMPREHENSIONPlusieurs exemples aux réponses sont donnés à au titre indicatif. Cette possible de donner ns réponse exacte en ns formulant du différentes manières, auprès différentes citations rang niveaux aux langue. Veuillez pour correction aux la langue. ça proposition aux corrigé correspond à niveau je suis en attente pour des élèves du terminales. Document A A. Auto scene is set in nouveau York City, according to the reference to auto Hudson rer (line 3) et Manhattan (line 20). B. 1. Thé characters room Eddie et Beck (the hermit). 2.They room fishing. C.The step takes place: auto beginning du the 20th century because: “he knew cette wouldn’t it is in long before the countryside disappeared“(line 7) “this section ns north Manhattan was encore dotted with small farms.” (line 18) D. The le 3 types of restrictions are bridges, houses (village et farms) and apartment buildings. E.a. Eddie feel agitated: hey “joined the hermit in thé agitation over the constant building” (line 21) b. Beck is really mad at urbanization: hey could “to death any homme who hunted thé wildlife” (line 14) 2. Eddie is feather at thé city and he knows cette is growing. It is seul at thé end du the message that cette shows hey doesn’t agree. It seems Beck has actually been versus urbanization et to a avec certitude extent capitalism, for a longue time. F. It is early nous the morning, Eddie decides to spend a bucolic and pastoral moment, he seems nostalgic about Manhattan being rural: “he knew cette wouldn’t it is in long before the landscape disappeared“(line 7) cette is irreversible: “apartment buildings were rising everywhere” (line 20), as a critical laconic sentence. (...)NB: ce corrigé est édité moyennant Il s’agit d’une proposition de corrigé qui ne saurait tenir lieu de corrigé officiel. Toute reproduction sans accord est strictement interdite.

Extrait du sujet 2015

Document A

As thé lights go out, your memories burned bright: londres pays tribute to WWIheroes v dramatic display london was plunged into darkness critical night as lights throughout the capitale were switched éteindre in a poignant action of remembrance venir those who offered their lives in civilization War One.

A simple beam du light, visible parce que le miles around, to be projected indigenous Westminster aslandmarks including the Houses de Parliament and Buckingham royal residence were shrouded in darkness.

On auto 100th anniversary since grande bretagne joined the first World War, millions of people across auto country reflected by the light de a candle nous the sacrifices made by the jeune men and women during auto Great War.

At Piccadilly Circus, auto bright lights ns the declaring boards were replaced with pictures of poppies et black et white photos ns scenes from the war, along with auto message: “Westminster remembers”.

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Extrait ns corrigé 2015


Plusieurs exemples aux réponses sont étant donné à au titre indicatif. C’est possible aux donner d’un réponse exactement en les formulant du différentes manières, auprès différents niveaux ns langue. L’important dorient l’exactitude ns la réponses (et les correction du la langue). ça proposition du corrigé correspond au niveau attendaient pour des élèves ns terminales.

Document A

A. Answer 2

B. 1.The writer praises these battle heroes.2. They space presented positively because ce is a “poignant commeration” (l.17) because ce is auto “100th anniversary since angleterre joined the sapin World War” (l.8)

C. First, all the lights are switched éteindre in the city of London. Secondly, one light is projected indigenous Westminster Abbey. Thirdly, anglais people toutes les personnes over thé country light candles. Last, Piccally Circus boards show special pictures à la the event.

D. False, they take place in London cible also all across the country.

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