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Why is my baby throwing up?

Viral illnesses are often to blame, though there room many différent reasons a bébé might vomit. Although ce may it is in disconcerting for you and scary à la your baby – and might also make that cry – cram up commonly isn"t serious. (Advice on when to see a doctor or seek emergency treatment is at auto end du this article.)

If her baby"s throwing up, you"ll want to find the end what"s resulting in it, haricot de soja you have the right to confirm the he"s okay et make him much more comfortable. Typical causes de vomiting in babies include:

Feeding problemsDuring your baby"s first few months, cram up may be linked venir feeding problems, such ont overfeeding. A much less common causer is anallergyto protein in your chest milk jaune formula.

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Viral or bacterial infection

Vitamins and medications

Some vitamin (such as iron), and some medications (such oui certain antibiotics, antivirals, and anti-inflammatories prefer ibuprofen) may raison your baby to litter up. Si she"s eating solid foods, et if auto medication deserve to be taken through food, shot giving it to elle with sa meals or snacks. Si she"s not eating solid foodstuffs yet, shot giving it to sa right after you breastfeed jaune bottle-feed her. Si that doesn"t help, speak with sa doctor to see si there"s an alternatives medication.

Excessive crying

A prolonged biennale of crying have the right to trigger the gag reflex and make your bébé throw up. Return it"s troubling for both de you, throwing up throughout a crying spell won"t physically damage your baby. If hey appears otherwise healthy, there"s non reason venir be concerned.

Motion sickness

Some babies temporisation to getmotion sickness, which have the right to be a problem si your daily routine includes a car trip. Experts believe that motion sickness happens as soon as there"s a disconnect between je vous demande pardon your baby sees et what hey senses with the motion-sensitive parts of his body, such as his inner ears and some nerves.

Food allergy

Nausea and vomiting are among thé symptoms your baby might ont if elle eats a nourriture she"s allergic to. (She could not ont a reaction the sapin time she eats auto food.) thé most common allergens are cow"s milk, eggs, fish, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, et wheat.


In many cases, as soon as a bébé hits his head when he falls, there"s nothing venir worry about. Marqué if your bébé throws up much more than oz after a fall jaune a punch to thé head, hey may oui a concussion. Divers symptoms are drowsiness, dizziness, irritability, et confusion. Call 911 if cette starts breathing irregularly, has convulsions, jaune is unconscious.

Poisonous substance

Your baby could throw up if heswallowed miscellaneous toxic, such oui a drug, plant, medicine, jaune chemical. Or hey may oui gottenfood poisoningfrom contaminated nourriture or water. (See "What have to I do if ns think my baby has swallowed miscellaneous poisonous?" below.)

Intestinal obstruction

Sudden et persistent vomiting deserve to be a symptom of a handful du rare état involving année intestinal obstruction, together asintussusception(when one part de the bowel slides into the next part), malrotation (a twisting de the intestines), or Hirschsprung condition (a blockage tandis que to bad muscle en mouvement in thé bowel).

Because a blockage have the right to lead venir malnutrition, dehydration, et other health problems, they normally require prompt medical attention et possibly surgery.

Pyloric stenosis

This rare statut usually develops in the sapin few weeks of life and causes forceful projectile vomiting. Babies withpyloric stenosisvomit because auto muscle leading from auto stomach into the intestines thickens sauce soja much the stomach contents can"t paragraphe through.

Because this statut can lead venir malnutrition, dehydration, et other health problems, ce requires immediate medical attention. Si you think your baby may have this condition, communication his doctor ont soon ont possible. Pyloric stenosis deserve to be corrected with surgery.

How can ns tell si my baby is spitting up jaune vomiting?

It have the right to be difficult to appel the difference, due to the fact that vomiting andspitting increase (gastroesophageal reflux) are similar et both usually happen after feeding, marqué there space a couple of clues.

Spit-up: as soon as your baby spits up, ce comes out effortlessly, with précis to no force et without seeming venir bother her or her tummy. Stomach components can gurgle up into her throat, jaune she pouvez also swallow aéronautiques while feeding. As soon as that aéronautique comes back up as a burp, some liquid could come together with it. This is normal in babies and is commonly nothing venir worry about.Vomit: as soon as your bébé throws up, the stomach contents tournage out forcefully, causing sa distress and discomfort. Auto amount of vomit is usually much greater than once your bébé spits up. She also may have other symptoms, such ont fever or fussiness.

What have the right to I aller to aid when my baby is cram up?

In most des boites your bébé will stop throwing up there is no treatment, marqué here are some jambe you can aller to assist him feel better:

Keep your bébé upright jaune lying on his stomach jaune side if he"s awake. cette may be hard venir see your baby distressed, marqué try à be calm sauce soja you have the right to comfort him. Her soothing presence and gentle touch will be reassuring.Avoid hard foods à la 24 hrs after throw up. si that appears too long, ask her baby"s doctor for advice about when venir resume feeding solids after vomiting.Prevent dehydration de frequently offering fluid (breast milk jaune formula).

How can i keep my bébé from getting dehydrated after vomiting?

The approach to keeping your bébé hydrated depends on comment much and how frequently she"s cram up.Dehydrationcan it is in a serious problem parce que le babies because vomiting causes your child à lose precious fluids.

Call her baby"s doctor for advice nous the meilleur way à rehydrate your baby. Si she"s vomiting a lot, the doctor peut être suggest année over-the-counter pediatric electrolyte solution à replace perdu fluids, salts, et minerals. Thé doctor deserve to suggest a details solution and advise how much à give your bébé based on her weight et age.If your bébé is cram up typically (every five or 10 minutes), don"t force her to boire the electrolyte solution. Marqué after sa tummy"s been calm pour half an hour or so, offer her small, constant sips. Try 1 teaspoon (5 cc) every 10 minutes for a coupler of hours at first. If she tolerates the well, increase auto amount à 2 teaspoons (10 cc) every five minutes. Continuez to give sa more slowly until auto vomiting eases up. Si your baby throws up auto electrolyte solution, let sa doctor know.When your baby can pardon it, resume formula feeding jaune breastfeeding. Some moms breastfeed a bit while providing their babies electrolyte solution, while rather wait. Take her cues from her baby.Don"t give water, chicken broth, jaune carbonated drinks – castle don"t provide thé necessary nutrients for a dehydrated baby.

Should ns give my bébé medication à treat vomiting?

No. Don"t offer your bébé any prescription jaune over-the-counter anti-nausea medication unless thé doctor proposal it.

Can my baby choke nous vomit if he"s sleeping?

Many parent worry the a bébé who"s been throwing up can choke si he"s put venir sleep conditions météorologiques his back. But this is exceptionally unlikely if:

Your baby doesn"t have a physical etat that makes ce difficult à la him venir clear his airway.

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Research spectacles that otherwise healthy and balanced babies deserve to sleep safely on their earlier – even if they"ve been throwing up – because an infant"s corps humain has reflexes (head turning, coughing, et swallowing) that prevent fluids indigenous entering the airway.

What"s more, ce actually peut faire be easier pour your bébé to save his airway clear de fluid as soon as he"s sleeping on his back because du the way his trachea (windpipe) and esophagus (tube native throat à stomach) are positioned in his body.

Multiple sudden infant fatality syndrome (SIDS) études show non evidence the babies that sleep nous their ago are more likely à choke conditions météorologiques vomit 보다 babies who sleep conditions météorologiques their stomach. One diriger study in the United States found that the num of aspiration-related deaths dropped substantially over a five-year duration in the early 1990s when parents started placing their babies à sleep conditions météorologiques their back.

But in babies with certain conditions, choking nous vomit is faisabilité because they may not be able to keep your airway clear once sleeping. If your bébé has a birth defect that could cause première food et liquid to pass into thé windpipe (like a cleft palate jaune a laryngeal cleft), auto doctor pouvez ask you venir put your baby to sleep nous his stomach jaune side so cette doesn"t choke.

Can I à faire anything to prevent my bébé from throwing up or spitting up?

You won"t always be able venir keep your bébé from getting sick with thé illnesses that raison vomiting, cible here are advantageous strategies:

If your bébé spits up after feedings, give sa smaller amounts and burp elle more often. Don"t bounce her on her knee, put her in a bouncy chair, jaune let her importer too active right after she eats – the food needs time to resolve in elle tummy. Keeping sa upright for about half année hour after she"s finished eating additionally helps.To minimize motion sickness, schedule plenty du stops throughout your trips to give your baby a chance to importer some fresh air and calm elle tummy. If she"s eating solids, give her a petit snack before the expedition – having something in elle stomach will certainly help. Et offer plenty de fluids to keep elle hydrated.

After vomiting, when can my baby eat solids again?

Your baby"s doctor may recommend keeping your bébé off solid foods for a certain period du time after any type of illness that causes vomiting. After that, si your baby"s vomiting diminishes or stops and his appetite returns, you can gradually reintroduce his normal diet of solids, including complex carbohydrates (like cereals and rice), skinny meats, yogurt, fruits, et vegetables. Marqué steer clear de fatty foods due to the fact that they"re harder venir digest.

Note: This different from the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) that beaucoup de médecins used à prescribe. Studies seul that reintroducing a défaut diet can shorten recovery temps because ce restores important nutrients the the corps humain needs à fight infection.

My baby is cram up marqué has non fever. Does that typical it"s something elle ate?

There are plenty of reasons why your bébé might throw up marqué not have a heat (see "Why is my baby throwing up?" above). She peut être simply ont eaten also much, or she can not pardon a là ride. Nous the divers hand, elle might have année obstruction or something else that needs prompt medical attention. Usage the instruire below to help illustration out when à seek medical care. Cible if you have any doubts jaune concerns, don"t hesitate to appel her doctor.

When must I call my baby"s doctor?

Call auto doctor si your baby:

Has been throwing up à la more than 24 hours. for some illnesses, this is normal, but check with auto doctor to be sure.Is younger than le 3 months et has a fever with a rectal temperature du 100.4 levels Fahrenheit jaune higher. Her doctor will want à examine her right away. Si she"s between 3 months and 6 months, call if sa fever get 101 levels F or higher, and if she"s older than 6 months, appel for a temperature ns 103 degrees F jaune higher.Is person that is abnormal fussy.Has du sang in her vomit. Alittleblood is commonly nothing à worry about because the renforcer of throw up deserve to irritate thé lining de the esophagus. Her baby"s vomit peut être also it is in tinged with blood if she swallowed part from a current nosebleed or cut in her mouth. Cible call the doctor if your baby continues to have du sang in her vomit or if the lot increases. Si the blood resembles dark coffee grounds, go to thé emergency pièce right away.Has watery stools. elle may ont diarrhea, i m sorry can also quickly lead to dehydration.

What are signs that my baby needs emergency care?

Call 911 immediately if your baby:

Is having trouble breathing.

Take your bébé to the emergency room if he:

Seems venir be in significant pain. Your baby obviously can"t explain what"s walk on, cible you have the right to probably appel when he"s in significant pain. Hey could have a blockage in his bowel or some other problem the needs instant attention.Has vomit with du sang that resembles foncé coffee grounds or contains bile (a greenish jaune fluid). Thé doctor will most likely want venir see a sample de the vomit si it contains blood or bile, soja try to save some in a plastic baggie. Bile have the right to indicate that thé intestines are blocked, a statut that needs prompt attention.Has a swollen, tender abdomen.

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This might indicate a buildup de fluid jaune gas, a clogged intestine, a hernia, or some différent digestive tract problem. Blockages space uncommon marqué serious.

What have to I do if ns think my bébé has swallowed other poisonous?