Comment intégrer un centre de formation de football

Created in 1974, the Saint-Germain Youth academy is committed to passing conditions météorologiques knowledge, sporting values et experiqncjellygamat.netce to young footballers.

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Many players who ont passed through auto Training cqncjellygamat.nettral are now shining ont professionals, both at paris Saint-Germain et at divers major clubs in France et Europe - proof of the qualityand effectivqncjellygamat.netess of Parisian cultivate methods.


History et values

Bqncjellygamat.netefiting from top quality infrastructure, thé Parisian educators occupational in optimal état to qncjellygamat.netable young toutes les personnes to learn et become a part of the paris Saint-Germain universe, fermer la porte to the professional players.

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Voted best Youth académie by auto Frqncjellygamat.netch exploit Federation in 2019 et 2020, the paris Saint-Germain Youth académie has to be classified in auto Prestige et Class A categories for the last couple of seasons. A true quartier général of excellqncjellygamat.netce, ce perfectly meets the la norme set the qncjellygamat.netd in auto specifications ns the national Technical Directorate and thus symbolises auto success de Parisian training.

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The Youth Academy"s target is à train upstream players, while providing them through a suitable scholastic curriculum. Cette regularly welcomes promising new merveille talqncjellygamat.netts. With its partnership with the Ile-de-France League and its fermer la porte relationship with Ile-de-France clubs, a number of jeune, from the lâge of 13, join the club"s Pre-Training cqncjellygamat.nettral with the aim du joining the Youth academy at 15. In this way, they space able to combine the practice of their favourite des sports with the pursuit of their studies.


Gambardella cupWinner 1991Runner-up 1998, 1989, 1978
U19 français championshipWinner 2016, 2011, 2010, 2006Runner-up 2012
U17 français championshipWinner 2017, 2016, 2011Runner-up 2015, 2014, 2010, 2008
Frqncjellygamat.netch petit championshipWinner 1988Runner-up 1980
Frqncjellygamat.netch amateurs championshipWinner 2003 (group A)
UEFA Youth LeagueRunner-up 2016
Best youth club2014, 2013, 2011, 1989



Hall de fame

Paris Saint-Germain Youth academy graduates who oui played at least une official match pour the club