Comment installer une camera de surveillance sans internet

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HSIP2 Camera


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View our cassettes vidéo setup Guide for a fast et easy setup parce que le your caméra Please ensure auto subtitles are switched nous in YouTube.

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Visit – or on our website visit the faire un don section, product downloads and select thé HSIP2 HD Wireless regardez Camera.

Outdoor Camera


Connecting thé Camera


Screw the WiFi Antenna right into the or screw at thé back de the camera.Plug the power adaptation into the ports at the back de the camera.Plug une end ns the Network>Ethernet cable right into camera and the est différent end right into your Wireless internet Router. It will take about 30 seconds parce que le the caméra to force up.Once the puissance cable and Ethernet cable oui been connected, thé green commander light conditions météorologiques the HSIP2 will certainly come on.PC SetupAfter opening the app click conditions météorologiques the Add an equipment (+) tab
Click Search at auto bottom
Click nous your camera.Once you have selected your camera, the caméra information will certainly be filled. You re welcome leave thé Password ar empty.Click OK to save her settings.For extra security tu will be asked venir to change the username et password. Click nous the camera and it will take tu to auto user settings.Change auto details pour the Administrator only et click Done à save her changes.


Once the caméra appears digital click nous the camera to check out the live Feed.Wi-Fi Setup

Using this setting elle can collection the camera to function over her wireless network.

Please note: When setup the caméra up for the tons time, cette will need à be wired right into the internet router first.

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Ensure there is a mite in the “use WLAN”.

Click “Search” to search parce que le existing wireless networks climate select thé network elle would like venir connect to. Tous the informations will be automatically filled in except the password parce que le your router.

In auto “Encryption” box enter her router password et click “Set”.

Remove the Ethernet cable, et the caméra will automatically configure itself with thé router.

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Close down thé window and you will check out the caméra come virtual using the wireless function.

Camera Controls

Simply swipe in any exécutif to move thé indoor rotating camera. Other actions available room below:Please note the outdoor caméra is a revolution camera et cannot pan/tilt.



For further appui with setup and if elle require any help venir make thé most ns your caméra please la communication our customer services faire un don team.

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