COVID-19pandemic –For to update to thé directives, i beg your pardon could change at any kind of time, you re welcome consult this à côté de regularly.

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COVID-19 pandemic – considérable information pour workers that provide patrie care appui services under the habitent allowance / services employment paycheque prêt

Given thé COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Québec has announced a number of requirements for health care, education et daycare workers.

The following des lignes directrices must be followed passant par workers who provide home care appui services under the direct allowance/service employed staff paycheque arrangement.

Responsibilities of workers louer under the direct allowance / prestations de service employment paycheque sorte

Workers who have symptoms de COVID‑19 or who oui had fermer la porte contact through a probable or confirmed caisse of COVID‑19 should not visit a user.Workers should not visit a user within 14days du returning from travel abroad, irrespective de the country. Workers returning from travel abroad have to self‑isolate parce que le 14days et follow the instructions issued par the commonwealth government.Workers who are affected passant par these procedures must educate their employee (the user) quickly et contact auto user’sCLSC à prevent any type of interruption du services.A num of assistant programs have been put in place à la workers who are residents de Québec and who ont lost their income due to COVID‑19. Auto workers concerned can apply to one of these programs. A tool à determine the frais of assistant a worker pouvez be eligible pour depending conditions météorologiques their situation is available nous the à côté de Government assistance Programs COVID‑19.

Before going to thé user’shome

Workers must communication the user venir check if they ont returned from travel within auto last 14days, oui symptoms de COVID‑19 or oui had fermer la porte contact through a probable or confirmed caisse of COVID‑19.If ce is determined that auto user is at high risk of having COVID‑19 or if the user tested positive for COVID‑19 and must continue to be at home: Inform thé user that elle must in the interim suspend services;Contact auto user’sCLSC quickly à prevent any kind of interruption ns services.Workers have to not provide services to a user at high risk ns having COVID‑19 or to a user that tested positive à la COVID‑19.

Priority service that must be maintained

If neither the user nor the worker has actually returned from travelling within thé last 14days, has symptoms du COVID‑19 jaune has had fermé contact v a probable jaune confirmed case of COVID‑19, thé worker must continue to provide thé user with page daccueil care appui services.Should a worker refuser to continue to administer a user with service despite the absence of risque factors, auto worker must inform auto user et contact thé CLSC quickly à prevent any type of interruption ns services.Workers pouvez use the emergency day care prestations de service that ont been put in place à la workers who aller essential work. Above the à côté de Emergency daycare services.

Worker safety

Since tous of Québec is currently affected par community dévolution of thé virus, workers have to wear a medical mask et protective eyewear at tous times. Security eyewear pouvez be removed si everyone existing is put on a medical mask (e.g., clients, users). They must change the mask if it is wet, soiled jaune at thé end du their shift.A user receiving care and services within 2metres must wear a mask.The user’s CLSC will certainly distribute medicalmasks and also ensure castle are supplied properly.Workers hired under the direct allowance / prestations de service employment paycheque sorte are no allowed to provide services to a user at high risk ns having COVID‑19 jaune to a user who tested positive parce que le COVID‑19. This method that they will not be listed with an individual protective equipment.

If you live at home et need aid with bien sur activities, you peut faire be eligible à la home care support services.

Home care faire un don services are provided passant par institutions in the health and social service network that ont a local community service centre(CLSC) mission. These agence are responsible pour receiving and assessing auto needs of anyone who requires their services.

They space responsible for providing thé health or social prestations de service the human needs themselves or, for some patrie care faire un don services et under certain conditions, arranging to have them noted by année external provider such as a patrie care social economy enterprise, a private entreprise or a neighborhood organization. Page daccueil care faire un don services peut être also it is in provided passant par a worker who is louer privately de the user and paid under the habitent allowance/service employment paycheque arrangement.

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Institutions must complete a clinical procedure, in la coopération with thé user and their family, that focuses nous assessing thé user’s situation et needs.

After this assessment, a destiné for the prestations de service to be listed is attracted up to meet their needs. The prestations de service provider jaune providers are likewise selected in collaboration with auto user and their family, taking into account the user’s situation, your safety et that of the care provider oui well as the expertise and support required depending on the joli of care and services to be provided.

If you think elle need patrie care faire un don services, la communication your CLSC


The direct allowance/service employed paycheque is année arrangement pour the distribution of patrie care soutien services that peut être be used par the user and the care provider under bien sur conditions. Under this arrangement, thé user have the right to choose et hire thé worker who will carry out some of their home care appui services in accordance with bien sur guidelines.

The direct allowance offers users much more flexibility in choosing prestations de service providers. Cette is likewise intended to prevent fatigue among the user’sfamily members. Over there are two forms of habitent allowance: a bump sum et a prestations de service employment paycheque. The services employment paycheque is the henchmen form of directement allowance used.

The service employed staff paycheque is a mechanism for managing the habitent allowance et was created primarily to counter undeclared work et to appui the user in their role ns employer by simplifying administratif pay-related tasks. The service employment paycheque mechanism enables a financial organisation to act as paymaster for the CLSC and as manager, parce que le the user, ns the employee’spay.

Service employed staff Paycheque handling Centre

The services Employment Paycheque Processing quartier général (Centre aux traitement aux chèque emploi-service–CTCES) is responsible pour operations worrying employees’pay, such oui paying wages and deducting contribuer required under various social abrite plans. It also prepares and issues government slips.

When thé user’ssituation permits thé use du the direct allowance/service employed staff paycheque, auto CLSC registers the user with thé CTCES (financial organisation designated parce que le the entire province). Auto CLSC allocates prestations de service hours based conditions météorologiques the demands identified and the services destinées drawn increase in la coopération with auto user and their family.

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The CLSC allocates thé necessary sums à pay pour the prestations de service required through auto CTCES. Under the habitent allowance/service employed paycheque arrangement, the user does not have to transaction with money at all.

For more information about auto role and responsibilities du the human who is receiving service (the user) et the human who is providing prestations de service (the privately loué worker) under the habitent allowance/service employment paycheque arrangement, tu can review the informations leaflets: